Your weekly Adventure Agenda: Explore Japan from home

Pretend until you get there.

The 2020 Olympics may have been postponed, but that does not mean that you are not yet able to move around Japan – at least virtually. Get full chain forward with 360 ° Tours, an to live food of the famous snow monkeys of Nagano, and yours Japanese & # 39; em-nomi& # 39; drinking party.


No passport is needed, only passion. (And Wi-Fi). #PauseTheAdventure

Do a full 360

Since the end-nthe dance floors in Tokyo and the Buddhist prayers in Kyoto, take a 360 ° virtual tour of Japan with this 3 minute VR movie. If you don’t have virtual reality glasses, don’t worry, only exchange for a glass of wine.


Watch snow monkeys

Watch wild snow monkeys (this is just their band name, they are actually japanese monkeys) through an online camera as you Nagano famous hot Springs. It's a live feed, so log on during the day. At night, they do business with monkeys.


Visit Tokyo teamLab Museum

Since opening for Urges Fusion hype (and presumably a mouth-watering electric bill), the world's first digital art museum now it's up there with Monte. Fuji as an unmissable Japan. These videos experience all the immersive and neon glory.

Curl and read

The only Gaijin in the village by Scottish writer Iain Maloney, put us in the title if we’re totally honest. And then he carried us through with his warm and good-natured account of life in rural Japan as the only foreigner in the village.

Watch on Netflix

National Treasury Statute etThe three Michelin stars are exactly how this sushi master rolls. Filmed partly in his 10-layer restaurant on a Tokyo subway, Jiro Sushi Dreams is the remarkable story of 85-year-old sushi chef Jiro Ono. Currently available on Netflix.


Go to a cafe for cats

Unsurprisingly, Japan has a enA myriad list of iconic sites that you can stream live: including the panda enclosure at the Ueno Zoo, the Hokkaido ski slopes and Tokyo's famous Shibuya Crossing. Or our people favorite this cat cafe in Kyoto.


For sake cultures

In as build the perfect bento box for a virtual tour of the most famous fish market in the world, Google arts and culture will take you on an Alice-lefthuh rabbit hole in the eccentric world of Japanese food, art and history.

Organize an on-nomi party

Drinking cheap confinement wine in one video turn on for The rest of the world, ºis current trend for drinking online with friends, a new word was born in Japan: online-nomi, or オ ン 飲 In japanese. Git's the sake and share your screen.

Learn to meditate

Feeling stressed? O chief priest at Zen Taizo-in Buddhist Temple in Kyoto is teaching Zen BuddHism meditation – known as Zazen connected. O first videosubtitled in English, teaches basic postures and breathing techniques.

Ride a roller coaster

For incredible views of Tokyo, take a virtual tour in the famous Dome City roller coaster. Tit feels empty ghost town just adds to the general fear Othe whole experience. Broadcast if you I want go Faster?

Stop and smell the roses

Okay, so they're actually tulipsbut andsame year between March and May HitaChi Seaside Park explodes in an sea of color The park is currently closed, but you can enjoy the famous flowers with a 360 ° virtual tour.

For more inspiration, visit our Japan destination guide. Or call a conversation. We are WFH, but this is normal for travel planning and cyber hugs.

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