Yobe unloads COVID-19 index case

Duku JOEL, Damaturu

The Yobe COVID-19 index patient was discharged, reports The Nation.

The 29-year-old banker, who spoke to our correspondent in Damaturu, said he was discharged on Friday at 4 pm and met with his family.


He expressed happiness at leaving the isolation center after 15 days.

He also said he was treated well at the center, but added that none of his test results were shown to him.

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“None of my test results were shown to me. I didn't see any of them, both what I was positive and what I was negative. While they talk, they say that I am, na, so they speak, say that I don't get paid again and they say go home and I say thank God, ”he explained.


He also said that his family members were very happy to see him discharged from the center.

The index case was reported on April 30.


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