Woman poisons her husband to death, chops off his manhood

Linus Oota, Lafia

  • Accuses victim of dating her best friend
  • He says I poisoned his meal and watched him die painfully
  • He lived dangerously – Victor's uncle

An eight-year marriage ended on a tragic note in Zumbagwe, a remote community in the local government area of ​​Karu, Nasarawa state. Janet Ekpe, 33, poisoned her husband for allegedly dating her best friend and saw him die slowly and painfully.

In addition to allegedly dating his best friend, Janet also accused her husband, Sunday Ekpe, of making her hungry for sex while satisfying her friend with it. Janet recalled that she had become accustomed to having marathon sex with Ekpe since they were married only to slow him down after the second child and then withdraw completely.


She said she grew tired of her husband making excuses night after night as to why he was no longer able to give birth in bed and even telling her on occasions to fantasize about the good old days in order to satisfy his desire. sexual.

The subjects came up when Janet realized that her husband had fallen in love with her best friend, who happened to be a widow. She came to the conclusion that her husband had no more time for her because his attention was turned to her friend.

She argued that the best way to deal with the situation was to end Ekpe's life so that she would live a life devoid of psychological trauma. So she not only killed Ekpe, but also ensured that she cut off his manhood, perhaps to avoid the possibility of her horny husband getting another woman involved in a case in the world beyond!


"Why did I kill him, I cut his manhood"

In her confessional statement, Janet said she was unaware that her late husband was dating her best friend until about three years ago.


She said: “We were married for eight years and with two children. Three years ago, I discovered that my husband had fallen in love with my best friend, a widow, and was dating her.

“Since then, he stopped sleeping with me; he started to starve me sexually while satisfying my best friend.

“When we were married eight years ago, sex seemed to be the only thing on my husband's mind. He was always in a good mood.

“We would make love three or four times before morning, and when he woke up, he would be ready to continue.


“There were days when he stopped working and we spent the whole day making love.


“We had sex in the bathroom, in the kitchen and anywhere we felt like at home.

“I got used to constant sex through him and I also became the envy of my close friends, including my best friend, with whom he later fell in love.

“Whenever we share stories of our exploits in bed, my friends think I'm the best man and, jokingly, beg me to let them have my husband for just one day because their husbands can't satisfy them in bed.

“But soon after we had our two children, I started to notice his disinterest in sex with me and his performance level started to drop.

“While we had sex regularly, the sex decreased twice in a week and then it got so bad that we could go for three or four months without making love.

“Initially, I was not bothered because I felt that he would get around him after the babies were weaned. But I was wrong. He started starving me for sex for months on end.

“It got to the point where I begged him to sleep with me, but he refused my requests.

“Sometimes he would tell me that I should relive the moments when we have sex every day and immerse myself in that fantasy.

“When I bothered him even more, he told me that he was no longer interested in sex because he had enough to last a lifetime.

“He even told me that sex is not food and that if I felt so hungry for sex, I should get a man to satisfy me.

“I reported the matter to our church and the pastor summoned him, but he was unable to convince our pastor.

“I reported the matter to his parents in the village and some of their relationships around, but he ignored their invitation.

The final straw

“During this period, my husband started to stay late at night, which was very unusual for him.

“Unknown to me, my best friend, Hellen, who is a widow, started to keep her distance with me, while some of my friends started to suggest that she and my husband were dating.

“I watched the way they acted and how happy he always looked in her presence.

“I monitored them closely and picked them up five times at a diner in the new Nyanyan.

“When I confronted him, he said that I was being silly; so I decided to believe the whole story.

“The worst was the day I saw a text message from Hellen on my husband's phone, thanking him for providing him with the best sexual satisfaction of his life the day before.

"I was devastated. I felt sick and angry.

“I was hurt that my own husband could do this to me.

“I went back to our pastor, but my husband refused the pastor's invitation and even stopped attending church.

“At that point, he stopped coming home most of the time and went to sleep in hotels with Hellen.

“I felt like a single mom and it upset me. I confronted Hellen and told her that she was hurting me and that their relationship was getting stronger while they weren't taking my feelings into consideration.

“I couldn't bear to think of them so close.

“I used to love and trust my husband, but he turned me into something I never knew I could become: a murderer. I killed him. I poisoned him and watched him die in our room, painfully.

“I mixed a deadly, colorless, tasteless and odorless substance in your meal and drinking water that immediately destroyed your intestines.

“He cried and struggled uncontrollably after eating. He gave up after an hour and I used a sharp blade and knife to cut his penis, put it on his chest as evidence of what killed him.

“If your penis is what is giving you the audacity to have feelings for my best friend and refusing to listen to the advice of your parents and even your pastor, it is best to cut it off.

“Mr. Sunday (Ekpe), a cheating, filthy and liar bastard, must die for me to live. I deserve to live because I am human and I have blood flowing through my veins.

“These foolish men, you give them everything, but they choose to play and play with your intelligence.

"I monitored him closely and tolerated him for a long time and his end came."

Ekpe lived dangerously, says uncle

Mr. Adakole Onoja, an uncle of Ekpe, told our correspondent that the deceased man was not pious in his affairs with Hellen.

He said: “When your wife informed me of the matter, I invited you to my home and told you the implications of your actions.

“You cannot starve completely for your young wife and resort to dating your best friend.

“Many people, including their parents in the village, their pastor and close friends, interfered in the matter, but he gave them deaf ears.

“Perhaps that was how he was destined to end his life.

"Your wife's action may not be right, but she is also a human being."

All efforts made by our correspondent to contact Hellen on the phone have yielded no results, as her phone has been repeatedly turned off.

Visits to the hairdressing salon did not bear fruit either, as the salon was locked.

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