Will Ferrell crashes Seahawks’ virtual team meeting

Will Ferrell beat the Seattle Seahawks virtual team meeting hilariously on Thursday.

The Seahawks made a video call in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and took the opportunity to introduce one of their new signatories, Greg Olsen.


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The introduction intersected with American actor and comedian Ferrell, who played his role as ex-Carolina Panthers.

"Coach, thank you very much, very excited to be here," he said.


"I'm so excited to be a Seahawk and excited to be playing with you, Russ [Seahawks QB Russell Wilson]. Russ, I love you, I mean, I love you, I love the way you play.


"I love the way you treat yourself as a human being, I mean, I love you, let's make a baby, you know."

Later, Ferrell put on the Seahawks shirt after saying he was working out, denying that he needed to work on his core.

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