Why Infinix S5?

Lucas Ajanaku

Several smartphones have launched this year with upgrades on their earlier versions and new technological innovations including pop-up cameras, advanced facial unlocks and bike modes amongst others.

While consumers are constantly being swayed by the introduction of these interesting features, Infinix Mobility has succeeded in maintaining relevance by continually releasing trendy and innovative devices, which appeal to the consumers per time. One of such device is the Infinix S5, which upon its release recently has been generating positive reviews from users who consider it a brilliant masterpiece from Africa’s premium smartphone brand.

The S series is popularly known to render unmatchable photography experience hence, this time around Infinix was a lot more creative with its setup by planting enhanced camera features and introducing its first-ever Quad-camera setup of 16MP + 5Mp + 2MP + QVGA AI lens, as well as its first 32MP In-Display camera, taking the smartphone photography game a couple of notches higher. If smartphone photography is truly the new rave, then it goes without saying that the S5 is the new standard for smartphone photography and a must have for every user.

32MP AI In-Display Camera

In recent times, smartphones have been known to have their front facing-cameras positioned at the middle of the device. This allows the phones to adopt a waterdrop design that only allows for 90 per cent screen to body ratio. However, Infinix Mobility is swiftly making this design obsolete as it introduces a more stylish placement of its 32MP front-facing camera, placed at the top left of the screen, allowing for a bezel-less design with up to 98 per cent screen to body ratio.

The 32MP In-Display AI Camera is capable of capturing vivid details and true colors, especially in low light and backlight scenes. It also provides 6528×4896 super high resolution to bring out sharp, clear, and vivid detailed selfie images.

Camera Set up

If one loves to explore the camera features or just love to capture the city from the high grounds, then the Infinix S5 is the perfect tool for this adventure. Its unique Quad-camera setup of 16MP+5MP+2MP+QVGA AI cameras assures you of pictorial perfection with every attempt to capture your desired image.

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The rear camera consists of a 16MP AF high-resolution camera, a 5MP ultra-wide-angle lens and macro lens camera, a 2MP depth field camera and an AI lens camera. The macro lens allows users to take close-up shots of objects and show every exquisite detail. In addition, with the ultra-wide-angle lens and macro lens, users can create wide-angle and macro videos in video capturing mode, which is a great improvement in comparison to its previous version.

Bezel-Less 6.6 inches Infinity-O Display

The Infinix S5 has a distinctly sharper, more saturated display, which you will find more enjoyable when watching your favorite movies, playing games or surfing the internet. It dons a 6.6 inch”infinity-O display with 20:9 aspect ratio following the current cinema screen trends.

Quetzal Feathe Design

One major highlight of this device is its tasteful aesthetics that can be easily noticed from across the room. Its unique Quetzal-feather design is eye-catching thus making its users subjects of attention. The device comes in three-color variants – Quetzal cyan, Nebula black and Violet.


Complementing the fingerprint sensor is a facial identification scanner – what you might call a Face Unlock feature. This efficient combination means an improved and personalised security for its users.

Ultra Fast Processor

The S5 comes with MediaTek Helio p22 processor with a blazing 2.0GHz processing speed and runs on the Google sponsored AndroidTM 9 Pie, powered by a 4000mAh battery.

The device is 4G compatible with connectivity options including GPS, WI-FI and Bluetooth.
The Infinix S5 is available at all authorised mobile phone stores in Nigeria.

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