Why I described loot as ‘Abacha Assets’, by Malami

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The Federation's Attorney General and Justice Minister Abubakar Malami accused critics of describing Abacha's repatriated looting as "Abacha's assets".

In a statement released on Wednesday in Abuja by Dr. Umar Gwandu, his Special Media Assistant, Malami said that the media exaggerates the characterization of the recovered money associated with the former Head of State, the late General Sani Abacha as "Abacha Assets" , it was unnecessary.


He maintained that the choice of words was deliberate.

The minister said: "It should be noted that, in the foregoing, I have consistently described the recovered funds as" Abacha withdrawals "in various forums during the recovery process, especially before the eventual repatriation of the funds.

“It must be emphasized that, when the legitimacy seal was attached to the funds through repatriation, it became an asset in favor of the Federal Government as an effective beneficiary of it.


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"In addition to issues of verbal dexterity and vocal acrobatics, Nigerians should focus more on the effective use of recovered funds, according to the content of the signed tripartite agreement, in the interests of Nigerians."

He said the use of the word "assets" in relation to the post-recovery of plundered funds should qualify as federal government assets.


Malami, a senior lawyer from Nigeria (SAN), said: “It is palpable that news about the successful return of looted assets has brought nightmares to non-doctors and pessimists who wanted to thwart the repatriation process through a campaign of slander.

"They resorted to rhetoric instead of hiding their heads in shame."

He said the return of plundered funds demonstrated not only the commendable efforts of the current government, but also an indicator of the level of trust, confidence and respect that the international community has accorded to the government led by Buhari.

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