Why churches should remain closed, by CAN

By Alao Abiodun

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) explained why churches should remain closed, despite growing pressure in many sectors for their reopening.

The nation reports that churches and other religious centers were closed by the federal government to contain the spread of COVID-19.


But there was pressure from many church leaders and members to reopen churches.

The general superintendent of the Ministries of the Living Faith, known as the Chapel of the Winners, Bishop David Oyedepo, had fired the first salvo, saying the continued closure of churches when markets and other public institutions were reopened was suspect.

The founder of the Embassy of Christ, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, also supported him, saying there was a calculated attempt to weaken the church's growth in Nigeria.


But in an official statement, he personally signed on Friday, CAN President Rev. Supo Ayokunle said that it is not yet time for churches to reopen.

According to him, the relaxation of the blockade saw the country witness more coronavirus infection.


Ayokunle said: “On the other hand, the above relaxation has increased the pressure on us, church leaders, our members for churches and other places of worship to be opened.

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“Supporters of the reopening of worship centers argue that if people had contracted the virus in markets and elsewhere, the closure of the worship church would have become irrational!

“It's like using medicine after death! In addition, the church is more organized and a healing place. "

Despite this, the CAN President calls for "all churches to remain closed because the daily increase in the number of infected people in Nigeria is dangerous for the survival of all of us".


He urged caution among the churches to reopen, saying that "the church needs to exercise restraint at this time, so that we do not plunge naive and overly zealous into our members in lamentable destruction and sadness."


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