White House spent the weekend scrambling as they did contact tracing for staffer who tested positive for coronavirus

But they had not identified who Miller infected the virus with as of Sunday, and raised concerns inside the White House about how to contain the outbreak.

Some helpers expressed concern about how Monday would go without much clarity in how the virus had spread and spread. An official said it was not certain which colleagues would be at home. Some officials who had extended contact with Miller announced that they would quarantine themselves, while others who had similar contact with her did not.

Covid White House cases contradict Trump's message about the opening
In the meantime, assistants were also trying to figure out who came in contact with military valet who tested positive last week. It appeared that the officer's contacts with other members of the West Wing staff were limited, but there is still some concern among other officers and staff.

President Donald Trump's top aides were repeatedly tested throughout the weekend, and a trip to Camp David was partially canceled due to concerns about coronavirus, two people familiar with the situation told CNN. An official said the weather also played an additional factor in the scraping of the trip. A slew of officials, including the president, was at Camp David the weekend before with Miller.

In conversations over the weekend, Trump has expressed concern that helpers who get coronaviruses will undermine his message that the outbreak is declining and that states should start reopening, according to a person who spoke to him.

Pence does not even quarantine and plans to be in the White House on Monday

Trump expressed frustration that two White House staff tested positive for coronavirus and have asked why his officers were not ordered to wear masks until this week, according to the person.


Trump believes an economic rebound will only come when governors decide to lift the restrictions and are worried about any signs of the virus emerging.

At the same time, he told people he will not be near anyone who has not been tested and busted when they came in contact with some people in the White House.

Nicely is do not plan to go into even quarantine and plans to be in the White House on Monday, his office said Sunday.

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