Which director turned down The Godfather, Chinatown and The Exorcist? The Weekend quiz | Life and style

The questions

1 1 What's unusual about the Nancy Pearl action figure toy?
2 Which director refused The Godfather, Chinatown and The Exorcist?
3 Cinnabar is the main ore of which metal?
4 What sport is played by teams of eight?
5 What is the UK's biggest civil gallery award?
6 In 1688, who landed at Brixham in Devon?
7 Which work of art by Walter De Maria is a grid of 400 steel posts?
8 Which empire was known as Tawantinsuyu in Quechua?
Which links:
9 Double denim; barefoot with a cigarette; dark suit; White suit?
10 Disraeli in 1878 and Chamberlain in 1938?
11 Rotherhithe; Blackwall; Dartford?
12 Denali; Mount Logan; Pico de Orizaba?
13 Daubenton & # 39; s; Leisler & # 39; s; Natterer; noctule; serotine?
14 Annie Walker; Bet Lynch; Vera Duckworth; Jenny Connor, currently?
15 Puducherry; Ladakh; Chandigarh; Lakshadweep (and four others)?


Who landed at Brixham in Devon in 1688? Photography: Gordon Bell Photography / Getty Images / iStockphoto

The answers

1 1 It is modeled on a librarian.
2 Peter Bogdanovich.
3 Mercury.
4 Korfball.
5 George Cross.
6 Guilherme de Orange.
7 The lightning field.
8 Inca (local name, literally "kingdom of the four parts").
9 Beatles cover on Abbey Road (left): Harrison; McCartney; Starr; Lennon.
10 He returned with peace "with honor" (from Berlin and Munich, respectively).
11 Road tunnels under the Thames.
12 North America's highest (and highest) peaks: USA; Canada; Mexico.
13 Bats from the UK.
14 Rover ladies return on Coronation Street.
15 Union Territories of India.

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