Where are the star players of Netflix’s ‘Last Chance U’ now?

Netflix Success Season 5 “Last Chance U” is here, continuing his narrative of the lives of college football players.

The last season moves to Laney College for the final year of college football in the series. In 2021, "Last Chance U" will focus on college basketball. We learned to meet East Mississippi Community College players, coaches and employees in the first two seasons of the program. We met coach Jason Brown at Independence Community College, Kansas, for seasons 3 and 4.


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As we move into season five, you will probably ask yourself: where are the players who starred in the previous four "Last Chance U" iterations?

Season 1: EMCC

Ronald Ollie, DT

The affable tackle played for the FCS Nicholls State program in 2016, registering 41 tackles (6.5 per defeat) and two bags. He was released, but, unable to find a place to compete at the FBS level, returned to Nicholls for his last season of eligibility in 2018. He played in 12 games, compiling 13.5 tackles per defeat, 5.0 bags and two recoveries. It was not designed, but ended in the Oakland Raiders squad. He was cut from the team, as captured by HBO "Hard beats" Series. Ollie was signed by Toronto Argonauts from CFL in 2020.


John Franklin III, QB

EMCC reserve QB in season 1, John Franklin used his incredible display in the last game of the 2015 season (representing 291 yards and six touchdowns) to get a spot on Auburn's list. He was not that impressive for the Tigers, however, he completed 14 of 26 passes for 204 yards and a touchdown while running for 430 yards and two scores. Franklin was transferred to the FAU in 2017, completing 1 of 2 passes for 49 yards and running 229 yards and two touchdowns. Unfortunately for Franklin, he can be best remembered in Boca Raton for dropping the ball before crossing the goal line after a long run. He was eliminated from the FAU, but has since gone on the defensive with the NFL's Chicago Bears. He is in the Buccaneers squad as a cornerback in 2020.

Gary McCrae, OLB

McCrae, like John Franklin, jumped from EMCC to a successful FBS program in 2016. Unlike Franklin, McCrae only appeared in two games in Louisville (against Charlotte and N.C. State) and did not record any statistics. It wasn't much better for him in 2017, as he recorded four tackles in a limited time – mostly on special teams. He played two games in 2018 before hurting his shoulder against Indiana, losing the rest of the season. He is listed as a graduate student on the 2019 Louisville list.


Wyatt Roberts, QB

EMCC newcomer in the 2015 quarterback, Roberts received no offer from Division I schools. Instead, he walked the state of Mississippi. He was not expected to compete for a job, but to start a coaching career. The Bulldogs later chose Nick Fitzgerald as their interlocutor, although Roberts was at least on the 2016 list. That was not the case in 2017. According to a May 2018 report by AthlonSportsRoberts married in December 2017, completed his online degree and has a job at a steel mill in Columbus, Miss.

D.J. Law, RB

D.J.Law signed with UAB before 2016 and left on the training ground, impressing Blazers coach Bill Clark. But a knee injury led him to undergo surgery and "missed" the 2016 season (he did not lose any eligibility, as UAB did not play this season). He was expected to take on a big role in the Blazers racing game in 2017, but he is no longer on the program. Clark suggested it was because of academic struggles, adding that he was working with Law to discover his next step in football: "Is it NAIA or Canada?"

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2nd Season: EMCC

Isaiah Wright, RB

Wright and his older brother Camion Patrick, both of "Last Chance U" fame, were arrested in September 2017 and accused of criminal homicide in connection with a stabbed death in Alcoa, Tennessee. Patrick was arrested in Bloomington, Indiana, where he was studying after not continuing his college football career due to several injuries. A judge dismissed the charges against Patrick, and Wright later reached a court settlement have your charges dropped. He pleaded guilty to a charge of facilitating aggravated robberies and received five years probation and time served.


Wright left the EMCC after the 2016 season to enroll in West Georgia (where he later retired). In July 2019, he is playing semi-professional football with Alcoa Alloys of the Independent American Football League.


Brooks Shannon, WR

Shannon was expected to be a big part of the EMCC Lions pass game in season two – until he signed with Div. II West Georgia school in January. Shannon played 11 games for Wolves, with 16 catches in 258 yards and a touchdown in an 8-3 season.

Dakota Allen, LB

Allen was expelled from Texas Tech after being charged with second-degree theft. He became robust at the EMCC in 2016, helping Lions reach an 11-1 record. He later returned to Lubbock under coach Kliff Kingsbury, whose confidence in Allen paid off in 2017. He led the team with 102 tackles, two bags and two interceptions. He scored 60 tackles (5.5 per defeat), two forced encounters, a fumble recovery and a touchdown in 2018. He was called up by the Los Angeles Rams in the seventh round of the 2019 NFL Draft, sign a four-year contract in June.

By & # 39; Andre Johnson, QB

The second Florida state quarterback to go to the EMCC, Johnson spent a year in Scooba, Miss., After being kicked out for hitting a woman in a bar. He later left for Florida Atlantic (again following Franklin's lead), where he spent most of the 2017 season on the sidelines, dealing with complications from blood clots on his arm. He played in six games in 2018, putting 339 yards in total and three touchdowns in total before announcing its intention to transfer.

Vijay Miller, QB

Miller, the second-tier quarterback of the second season, played briefly in the MLB as part of the San Diego Padres minor league team. He was selected in the 14th round of the 2017 MLB Draft. He returned to the EMCC in 2018, helping the team through a 12-0 season in which he played in five games, played 851 yards and eight touchdowns for two interceptions. He also ran for 166 yards and four touchdowns.

Chauncey Rivers, DT

Rivers came from Georgia after a series of marijuana-related arrests. He ended his time at EMCC and moved to the state of Mississippi, where he had to stay out of the 2017 season for being academically ineligible. He played in all 13 games in 2018, part of a dominant defensive line that sent two players into the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. He finished fifth on the team with losing tackles and had 2.5 serves, totaling 24 tackles with multiple tackles in nine different games. He is listed as senior on Mississippi's official 2019 list.

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Season 3: Independence Community College

Malik Henry, QB

Henry was the third quarterback to leave the state of Florida for community college, although he deviated from Franklin and Johnson in choosing independence over EMCC. Henry and ICC coach Jason Brown entered into several disputes during the 2017 season, the first saying that he felt "better than that". He ended the season with about 1,300 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Despite fulfilling his college requirements in 2017, Henry never received an offer from a Power 5 school. He returned to ICC in 2018, playing just two games and completing 19 of 43 passes for 247 yards, a touchdown and three interceptions. He was transferred to Nevada as a walker in January and is listed as junior on the team's official 2019 list.

Carlos Thompson, WR

Thompson was a bright spot in the third season, buying for the team after initial fights and several clashes with Brown. He managed 48 passes for 544 yards and three touchdowns at Independence in 2017. As his five-year qualification for Division I had increased (he played for Texas Tech in 2013), he was not eligible to receive an offer at that level of play. Instead, it signed with the Missouri Western State Division II program. There, he ended the third season of 2018 on the team, with 17 receptions and 261 yards. He also returned 10 penalties for 183 yards and 14 kickoffs for 240 yards. He decided resign your senior season to prepare for a leap into the NFL.

Rakeem Boyd, RB

A former three-star recruit at Texas A&M who did not see the field in 2016 because of academic problems. He fought for the Pirates' starting race position, eventually moving away from his competition and rushing 1,211 yards and 14 touchdowns. He signed with Arkansas at the end of the season. Boyd had an instant impact after moving to Arkansas in 2018, playing 12 games, starting eight and ending the season with 734 yards and two touchdowns. He also took 23 passes for 165 yards. He is listed as junior on Arkansas 2019 list.

Kingston Davis, RB

The Michigan transfer hoped to see more of Independence after suffering injuries and lack of time with the Wolverines. However, he was plagued by security issues on the ball and eventually left the program feeling like he had lost a year there. He signed with UAB in 2018, recording 22 shipments for 88 yards and two touchdowns in three games that season. He was removed from the team's list in November after serving a suspension after a student conduct problem in September. He was arrested in December for the same incident, supposedly facing charges of domestic violence and strangulation.

Emmit Gooden, DT

Gooden was arguably one of Independence's best defensive players, accumulating 81 tackles and a bag in 2017. He had a knack for late hits and personal fouls at Independence, although that apparently wasn't a problem enough for Tennessee, that the hired. at the end of the season. Gooden playing in all 12 games for the Volleyballs in 2018, registering a match. He ended the season with 33 tackles and seven losses (the third in the team). He is listed as senior on Tennessee's 2019 list.

Bobby Bruce, LB

Bruce, a talented player who had several academic and behavioral problems at Independence, was arrested in June 2018 and charged with assault for an incident in May, although prosecutors denounced the charges against him in December. Bruce returned to playing for the ICC in 2018, but was cut from the team. He supposedly signed with the Arena Manatee Neptunes football team in April.

Kerry Buckmaster, OL

Buckmaster used Independence as a means of escaping a domestic life that saw his mother in jail and his father using drugs. He maintained a close relationship with his father in the third season and overcame a right shoulder injury to transfer to the Division II West Texas A&M program, where he is listed on 2019 team list.

Other notable signings of players from the third season of "Last Chance U"

PlayerPositionICC career statisticsTransfer destination
Calvin Jackson Jr.WR25 receptions, 381 yards, 4 TDsWashington State
Brandon BeaQB60.9 percentage of completion, 353 yards, 1 TD, 2 INTsBoise State (walk-on)
Moore TramondaOLThree games playedOklahoma (then fired)
DJ WilliamsDB56 tackles, 2 bags, 1 FF, 2 FRUtah State
Delrick AbramsDB60 tackles, 3 INTs, 1 francColorado
Ray BufordDB18 tackles, 2 FFs, 6 PBUsNew Mexico State
Jamal ScottRB79 attempts, 363 yards, 7 TDsEastern Illinois

Jason Brown, coach

Brown is no longer training at Independence Community College. At one point, he was facing eight criminal charges "for allegedly stealing the identity of a lawyer in an attempt to silence local newspapers," according to to Parson Sun. Although Brown denied the charges on Twitter, “apparently a newspaper in Kansas wrote a story about me being criminally accused. This is also new to me. So, please keep your judgment to yourself. I didn't do anything wrong, it smells like sour grapes and a preparation! Nobody contacted me, my lawyers will accept it from here!

Jermaine Johnson, LB

Johnson was not always a prominent player in "Last Chance U", but he was the number one candidate for JUCO (for 247 sports) while participating in the ICC. Johnson ended up committing to Georgia, where he played in 2019. Johnson ended up with 20 tackles, 2.5 bags and a forced fumble during his 2019 season with the Bulldogs.

Malik Henry, QB

Henry was back in season four, although he left the ICC when Brown left. Well-traveled Henry went to Nevada, where he started two games in 2019. Henry completed 42 of 78 (53.8) passes for 593 yards while playing a touchdown for four interceptions. He joined Nevada as a walker, but is no longer on the team. He was not enrolled after the spring semester in Nevada and is not listed on the football list. Currently, he is not playing anywhere.

Jordan "Jay" Jones, QB

Jones' ICC season did not go as planned when Coach Brown brought Henry in the middle of the season. The ending of "Last Chance U" said that Jones was open shifting position and moving into Division 1 level receiver. It is unclear where Jones ended in 2019 or where he is currently.

Bobby Bruce, LB

Bruce returned in the fourth season after the third season credits said, "Bobby Bruce was arrested during the summer vacation for theft. He is not expected to be back on Independence." As for what happened after the season ended, Bruce ended up playing in A-League football, an arena football league. Bruce played for the Neptunes manatee. It is not clear whether the Neptunes are still around, as all A-League accounts have been inactive since 2019.

Chance Main, DE

Main is now playing for the University of the Incarnate Word. From their website: "Played in 10 games and started five … recorded 28 tackles with 12 assisted and 16 assisted … drew 11.5 tackles with defeats in 38 yards, including losses of 38 yards, including 2.5 bags for 15 yards. .. also recorded five passes and a quarterback rush … had eight best tackles of the season in the SFA … had three high season tackles by losing twice, first against Lamar (10 yards) and then in the SFA (15 yards) ) ".

Kailon Davis, DE

Davis is currently playing in Arkansas, where he played sparingly in 2019. Davis appeared in nine games and recorded a tackle in seven of them.

Markiese King, WR

King pledged to play at the University of Lamar, but he was not eligible to play in 2019. He still wants to return to the football field in 2020.

Season 5: Laney College

Nu & # 39; u Taugavau, OL

Taugavau received a grant from the Murray State.

Rejzohn Wright, CB

Wright accepted an offer from the state of Oregon.

Dior Walker-Scott, WR

Walker-Scott will attend the University of Hawaii and play like a tour.

RJ Stern, WR

Stern signed a scholarship offer from Tennessee Tusculum University.

John Beam, coach

The beam will remain at Laney College.

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