What Matters: The Dutch are inventing new words to describe coronavirus

Stillwater, Oklahoma, had to withdraw from a face mask order when business owners in the college town received oral threats of violence after asking people to wear masks.

Norman McNickle is the mayor of Stillwater and during an interview at CNN he gave his theory of pushback:

"It's as you know, unseen enemy. They don't see it. We've been lucky here with a small number of cases and a low number of hospitalizations and one death in our county. And I think the belief is that it's just gone. Or that they're young enough to catch it and survive. And frankly, many of them don't care so much about others that they can pass it on. "


Do you have & # 39; skin hunger & # 39 ;?

Dutch-born anthropologist Harald Prins points out the effect coronavirus has already had on his mother tongue:

Not surprisingly, Covid-19-related neologisms are widespread in the Netherlands (and probably in most if not all other languages). I doubt most people will survive, but some will, albeit with unimagined apprehensions.


In Dutch, for example, few people realize that a popular word like "clothesline" (difficult to translate, but equals damn or rotten guy) comes from cholera (clothes).

Here are some Dutch corona neologisms with my free translations (but several terms resonate in a unique social-cultural way in the Netherlands):


Skin hunger / skin hunger: a longing for human contact while isolated

One-half-meter economy / six-foot economy: an economy designed to avoid the spread of coronavirus

Cough Shame / Host Shame: the anxiety you may experience for possibly triggering panic among people nearby when making a coughing sound for whatever reason

Corona sheath / corona jerk: shop in a supermarket or shop that breaks the six-foot-long social distance prescription or other security protocol.


Drop switch / spray contact: exchanging small drops when sneezing or coughing, especially as a source of infection


Hammering / Removal: processing of long-stored shelf-stable food for a meal.

Street Shame: The embarrassment someone experiences when he is looking for urgently needed errands during lockdown

Blush Virologist: dilettante that disseminates false or substantiated information about the virus, its transmission or its processing

A new Dutch corona lexicon was created and updated. It already contains 700 new words, including the words mentioned above.

The models are everywhere

A model often cited by the US government has almost doubled the projection of US deaths in coronavirus from more than 70,000 to more than 130,000. Individually, a Trump administration model projects an increase in coronavirus cases and deaths in the weeks ahead, up to around 3,000 deaths in the United States by June 1, according to an internal document obtained by The New York Times.
The models are difficult to keep track of and are everywhere, but one thing is clear: Most states are not yet on the decline of Covid-19 cases. Just look at the state graphics.

Current US death toll:> 68,000

Here's one timeline for all of the Trump administration's death toll estimates, which has now been revised upwards. My takeaways from the White House repeatedly make mistakes about how many people are going to die, these are:

Things we have done as a country (easier social distance, etc.) have affected and will continue to affect how many people die (there will be more);

More than 100,000 dead Americans in a matter of months is not something I ever thought I would write in modern times.

This story by CNN's Ray Sanchez About how New York City learns to cope with so many bodies is very difficult to read without turning away, but you should.
All asymptomatic. Another reminder that we often do not know who has the coronavirus this incredible story from Missouri.

"373 employees and contract staff at Triumph Foods in Buchanan County, Missouri, have tested positive for coronavirus. All of them were asymptomatic, according to a press release from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services."

No one was treated worse than Lincoln? Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is teaming up with Abraham Lincoln, both literally and figuratively. He attended Fox News City Hall at Lincoln Memorial Sunday night. Here are some of the things he said, thanks to CNN's Chris Cillizza:

"I have a good sense of these things. I've been doing this for a long time."

"Look, we're going to lose anywhere from 75,000, 80,000 to 100,000 people."

"That's some of it – if you call losing 80,000 or 90,000 people successful, but that's one of the reasons we're not at the high end of the plane, as opposed to the low end of the plane."

"And I don't want the credit. I don't care."

"They always said Lincoln – nobody was treated worse than Lincoln. I think I'm treated worse."

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