Week in Review: Forget the cable cut, here comes the flow cut


Hello guys, welcome back to Week in Review, where I delved into some of the week's news or just shared some ideas and reviewed some of the most interesting stories of the week.

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The great story

Cable cutting may still be an important trend for those who are moving away from cable subscriptions in favor of online streaming services, but the world of online pay TV is almost saturated and as 2020 prepares to flood us with more services, the time is probably growing for consumers to stop adding services and start prioritizing.

NBCUniversal provided a few more details this week on its Peacock network, and earlier this month, we heard more about the mobile-only streaming network Quibi . These launches will take place in the spring, arriving just a few months after the prominent releases on Apple TV + and Disney +. The addition of four high-cost streaming platforms in a short space of time can disrupt the cages of consumers who are disrupting, in addition to only a few subscriptions to streaming services.

NBCU's streaming service Peacock launches April 15 for Comcast subscribers, all others on July 15


The NBCUniversal Peacock appears to be walking the line between the two worlds, leveraging Comcast subscribers without appearing to invest heavily in the original content of the service. Their strategy is based on the attractiveness of their existing content library, which they are heavily promoting in free and paid plans. There may be something here, it looks like a marked return to the Hulu manual, which could very well be reproduced.

I still don't know what to think of Quibi. They are spending a lot of money, but spending their time building a Gen Z network seems like a difficult task. They’ve already taken a big partnership with T Mobile which looks promising when considering its broadest adoption in the industry and still looks like Snapchat Discover Prime. I will retain the trial until launch, but other video networks with mobile devices have had less than stellar receptions.

Verizon is shutting down go90


Side note: At this point in the video streaming product lifecycle, I would imagine that reducing password sharing will begin to be a more attractive option for streaming service operators.

Let's see how it all moves, but it's getting crowded.

Trends of the week

Here are some great news from big companies, with green links to the whole sweet and sweet context:

  • Visa buys Plaid for $ 5.2 billion
    The biggest acquisition of the week was the very bold purchase of Plaid by Visa. Visa paid twice as much for the banking API startup's last private assessment. Read More on here.
  • Google acquires Pointy

    Google has announced some deals in recent weeks. This week we learned that they acquired Dublin's startup Pointy, which builds hardware and software to help physical retailers track product inventory levels. Read more about it in our coverage.

  • Alphabet is a $ 1 trillion company

    In the current era of great technology, there is an elite club for public companies that is worth more than $ 1 trillion in market capitalization. This week, Alphabet joined them. Read More on here.

Extra Crunch

Our premium subscription business had another great week of content. My colleague Darrell Etherington spoke a little about the next frontier of space investments at an early stage.

Chad Anderson of Space Angels, entering a new decade in the entrepreneurial space age

"Space as an investment The goal is high in the VC community, but specialist firm Space Angels has been focused on the industry for longer than most. The angel investor network only published its latest quarterly view of activity in the space startup sector, revealing that investors invested nearly $ 6 billion in capital in space companies in 2019.

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