“We are seeing the soul of America now”

Joe Biden said Friday that he believes there is "no distinction" between the physical and mental health problems that stem from coronaviruses, and acknowledges the increasing rates of anxiety and depression as the country uses social isolation to fight the spread virus.

"First, we have to deal with the stigma," Biden said. “There is no distinction between a mental health problem and a physical health problem. They are both health problems and there should be absolute parity. Insurance companies should have to cover both. "


Biden said he has not only heard of the anxiety that comes from being forced to stay home for a long time, but also the fear of going into the operating room or the physical fear of pulling someone out of a burning car that, in fact, , may also have had the virus. "

The comment came from a question from a clinical psychologist and a Chicago professor who asked the former vice president about the mental health effect of being socially isolated when the country is fighting coronavirus.

Biden also said, as president, that he would force insurance companies to cover physical and mental health equally and "open a significant number of mental health clinics" in rural America.


"In most rural areas, there are still the same problems as all other areas, but they do not have these clinics available to them," said Biden, "so I double the number of mental health clinics that exist."

And finally, Biden said he wants to raise the cost of education in childhood because teachers and socio-economists can "pick up the early signs of student distress."



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