Washington state now has another bug to worry about after ‘murder hornets.’ Gypsy moths

Now there is another threat: a non-native Gypsy moth.

Such a threat, in fact, that the state of Washington, Prime Minister Jay Inslee issued an emergency proclamation because of the creatures, saying there was an "imminent danger of an attack" by the plant pests in parts of Snohomish County.

"This imminent danger of attacks poses a serious danger to the agricultural and horticultural industries of the state of Washington and threatens serious economic well-being and quality of life for citizens," the proclamation states.


The threat is made up of both Asian gypsy mats and Asian-European hybrid gypsy moths, according to the proclamation.

According to a government agency, the pests can cause major damage.

"Large (Asian gypsy moth) attacks can completely empty trees," according to the US Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. "This tapping can severely weaken trees and shrubs, making them more susceptible to diseases. Repeated tapping can lead to the death of large parts of forests, orchards and landscaping."

Females can lay hundreds of eggs, according to the agency, which become larvae and crunch through more than 500 different species of wood and bush.


And because the mills can fly long distances, they are likely to spread quickly across the country, the agency said.

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