Walkouts at Amazon and Whole Foods Over Coronavirus: Live Updates

The governor spoke at the Javits Center, a convention hall in Manhattan that was quickly transformed into a 1,000-bed emergency hospital. His comments came shortly after a Navy hospital ship arrived in the city.

Here are some other developments on Monday:

  • New York recorded almost 7,000 new cases of the virus, bringing the total to almost 66,500. Most of the cases occurred in New York City, where, according to official information on Monday, 38,087 people were infected.

  • The number of virus-related deaths in New York City rose to 914 on Monday afternoon, 138 more than at the same time on Sunday, officials said.

  • Seven Metropolitan Transportation Authority employees died of the virus, including a bus driver in Brooklyn and a subway station cleaner in the Bronx.

  • Governor Philip D. Murphy of New Jersey announced 3,347 new positive cases of coronavirus in the state, bringing the total to 16,636. There were 37 new deaths, out of a total of 198.

  • Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont announced 578 new cases of coronavirus in the state, bringing the total to 2,571. There were two new deaths, out of a total of 36 in the state.


A Brooklyn man was accused on Monday of lying to federal authorities about selling N95 masks and other medical supplies to doctors at exorbitant prices and of assaulting a federal officer after he coughed with F.B.I. agents and then told them he had the coronavirus, prosecutors said.

The man, Baruch Feldheim, 43, was accused of making false statements to police officers after lying about the stock and sale of equipment that hospitals desperately need to cope with the increase in patients with viruses, officials said.

Feldheim has repeatedly sold the equipment by appointment, according to a criminal complaint filed against him at the Federal District Court in Newark.

On one occasion, in a transaction organized through a WhatsApp group called "Virus2020!", Feldheim agreed to sell about 1,000 N95 masks and other equipment for $ 12,000 to a doctor, according to the complaint. That was about 700% more than what the doctor, who was not identified, would normally pay, the complaint says.


F.B.I. agents went to Feldheim's home on Sunday for more information, the complaint said. At that time, the complaint says, he "coughed intentionally towards them without covering his mouth", even though the agents said they were keeping their distance from worrying about the virus. He told agents he had tested positive for the virus two weeks earlier, the complaint says. "


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