Vodafone is down: network crashes leaving users without internet access

UPDATE: Vodafone is now back up and running


It is one of the most popular mobile networks across the UK, but it looks like Vodafone is in trouble this afternoon.

According to Down Detector, the problems started around 12:25 pm (GMT) and are affecting users across the UK.

Among those who reported problems, 62% said they had problems with domestic broadband, 19% with cell phones and 17% with mobile internet.


In an interview with Mirror Online, a Vodafone spokesman said: "We had a technical flaw that affected calls to and from landline networks.

"It started right after noon and we solved the problem at around 2:15 pm. We apologize to the affected customers."


Several frustrated users have adopted Twitter to discuss this afternoon's network issues.

According to Down Detector, the problems started around 12:25 pm BST and are affecting users across the UK

One user said, "Is the Vodafone network disabled in the Salisbury area? Am I trying to call and they are not connecting? I also have the same problem when someone tries to call me."

Another wrote: "Did Vodafone leave or is it just me?"


And one joked, "It looks like Vodafone's voice call network is down. That's exactly what you need when everyone is working from home."



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