Vodafone DOWN: Customers have stopped making calls, but now there is a simple solution

If you were one of the unlucky Vodafone customers who were hit by the previous call issue, there is now a simple way to fix it. Vodafone has just confirmed that its service has been affected by a minor flaw that has been resolved. However, if the phone still cannot make calls, just turn it off and on again. Alternatively, you can put your phone in airplane mode and go out for a few seconds and return to live mode.

Confirming the problem and the subsequent fix, a Vodafone spokesman told Express.co.uk: “We would like to apologize to any customer who has struggled to make calls tonight. We had an incident around 5:20 pm, which was corrected at 6:10 pm.


"Now, the service is completely back to normal. Any customer who struggles to make a call should hang up and turn on the phone quickly to restart. We apologize for any inconvenience caused."

The problem originally started around 5:40 pm, lasting about 40 minutes. Although unconfirmed, it appears that calls to landlines were not affected, but those who tried to call other cell phones, including rival networks, were unable to answer.

The Downdetector, which monitors global outages, has shown thousands of reports from across the UK, with over 11,000 mentions at its peak.


Speaking on his forum page, a Vodafone user said: "It is not possible to make or receive calls, however, the 191 worked, but the phone was interrupted when you looked for a consultant .. great!"

While another added: "It is not possible to call any other network. It just" beeps "and the line is down".


Along with Downdetector's complaints, social media sites like Twitter are also seeing a flood of users with similar problems.

A tweet said, "@VodafoneUK is disabled on your network? My wife is currently unable to receive or make calls from her device."

While another tweet added, "The Vodafone network appears to be down. I can call landlines, but not cell phones. My partner is also mobile. We are in Norfolk and our son has the same problem. In London!"

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