Vice President Osinbajo finally admits that the Buhari government has sadly failed and calls for help


Vice President Yemi Osinbajo admitted that most Nigerians did not feel the impact of federal government policies led by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Osinbajo said that despite programs like the Social Investment Programs, the SIPs, the government "is still a long way from reaching the majority of those who need help".
Speaking in Lagos, the vice president said: “In fact, what separates humanity from all other creatures is the capacity for kindness.


“So, I want to thank Segun (Ogunsanya) and his team in Airtel, for touching so many lives in the past five years. Listening to each story of the lives that were touched on tonight should remind us of the many others who need our help, our comfort and our kindness. The poor and the vulnerable always need a voice.
“We are feeding about 9.5 million children in 34 states in Nigeria, in all public schools. We are distributing money on a monthly basis to approximately one million families, as part of our conditional cash transfer scheme.

“We also hired around 500,000 young men and women who were unemployed for different periods of time on our N-Power Program. But we are still a long way from touching most of those who need help. Of course, for that, we need a lot more resources, to put a lot more resources behind this program.
“This is why the work of socially aware organizations like Airtel is so vital, bridging the gap between what the government can do and what remains to be done. So, as we celebrate the fifth year of this program, we congratulate and pray for all the members of the Airtel team and their families, that, as you have shown so much kindness to so many, you will always find help and kindness. "

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