US Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg back in hospital


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Judge Ginsburg is the highest liberal judge in the US Supreme Court

US Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg received non-surgical treatment for a gallbladder condition and is now "resting comfortably", says the court.


Ginsburg, 87, was treated at Baltimore's Johns Hopkins Hospital on Tuesday, court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said in a statement.

Ginsburg plans Wednesday to participate in the court's work remotely from the hospital.


Like the oldest liberal justice in the court, his health is closely monitored.

She must stay in the hospital for up to two days.

On Wednesday, court judges will continue to hear oral arguments over the phone because of the deadly coronavirus outbreak. They should consider a case related to the Accessible Assistance Act.

Judge Ginsburg is the oldest judge in the Federal Supreme Court and has received hospital treatment several times in recent years.


Last November, she was taken to the hospital after suffering chills and fever.


In August, she was treated for a cancerous tumor in the pancreas. She received treatment for colon cancer in 1999 and pancreatic cancer in 2009.

In December 2018, she underwent surgery to remove two cancerous nodules from the lung.

She also suffered ribs fractured by falls.

US Supreme Court justices are for life or until they decide to retire, and supporters expressed concern that if something happened to Ginsburg, a more conservative judge would replace her.

President Donald Trump has appointed two judges since taking office, and the current court has a conservative majority of 5 to 4 in most cases.

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