US overtakes Italy in total coronavirus cases

Susan Walsh / AP

In an afternoon conversation with his Democratic Caucus, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opposed any attempt by a legislature to force House members to return to Washington to vote on the $ 2 trillion stimulus bill, saying such a move would be "excusable "and constitute" selfishness, "according to two sources in the conversation.

Pelosi, along with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, and a number of other rank-and-file were bad about their preference for the votes to be cast on Friday, rather than a personal vote.


Several members expressed concern about traveling amid the coronavirus pandemic, noting that they have health problems or live with someone with health problems. Others noted their challenges in returning to Washington, DC.

At least 10 members expressed concern about the conversation and noticed that the bill would pass anyway, so it makes little sense to potentially endanger members 'health or their families' health, one source said.

Any House member can request a registered ballot on Friday during consideration of the stimulus proposal, which would mean that the House would have to hold a ballot by Monday with members returning to the capital to cast their vote. If no one asks for a recorded vote, the bill can be quickly approved by Friday's ballot, with few members present.


At least two legislators, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Thomas Massie, have not ruled out asking for a recorded vote because of their concern about the bill.

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