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  • As Europe and the United States loosen their blocks against the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, health experts are expressing growing concern about what they say is a second wave of deaths and infections, almost certain, that could force governments to repress.
  • The coronavirus pandemic could kill between 83,000 and 190,000 people in Africa in the first year and infect between 29 million and 44 million during that period, if not contained, the WHO warned.
  • Russia's coronavirus cases, which now exceed 177,000, have surpassed France and Germany, making it the fifth largest total in the world, after a record daily rise and the virus's epicenter in Europe.
  • Nearly 269,000 reported deaths worldwide from the disease, with cases of up to 3.8 million and 1.3 recovered. US cases reached 1.25 million, with 75,500 deaths, according to the Johns Hopkins University count.

Here are the most recent updates:

Friday, May 8

00:40 GMT – Australia prepares to ease restrictions on coronavirus in four-week stages

Australia will ease social distance restrictions in four-week increments, two sources told Reuters, while the country's national cabinet meets on Friday to decide which restrictions should be removed amid an ever-decreasing number of cases of coronavirus.


With less than 20 new infections a day, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison started talks with state and territory leaders on Friday to decide what restrictions to ease.

The easing will be carried out in an increment of four weeks to ensure that the measures do not lead to a resurgence of infections, two sources familiar with the plan told Reuters.

00:01 GMT – In confrontation with riot police, Hondurans block burial of coronavirus victim

Residents of a poor part of the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, clashed with the police after blocking the burial of a person suspected of having died from the romance. coronavirus, according to a witness from the Reuters news agency.


Riot police fired tear gas when residents armed with stones burned tires and blocked a road that leads to the Amor Enterno cemetery with stones and construction material in the La Era neighborhood, the witness said.

So far, the Central American country has registered 1,461 coronavirus cases, many of them in the capital, and 99 deaths. Residents said their neighborhood lacked adequate sanitation for such burials.



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