Ukrainian airliner was shot down by Iran with Russian-made surface-to-air missiles

Aref Fathi/image alliance through Getty Pictures

Iran’s Civil Aviation Authority head, Ali Abedzadeh, instructed CNN the nation might have outdoors assist to decode the black field on the Ukrainian airliner as a result of it’s broken.

“Generally speaking, Iran has the potential and know-how to decode the black box. Everybody knows that,” he mentioned.


Nevertheless, Abedzadeh mentioned, “the black box of this very Ukrainian Boeing 737 is damaged. Ukrainian Aviation experts arrived here in Tehran today. We had a session with them. From tomorrow they will start decoding the data.”

He added: “If the available equipment is not enough to get the content,” Iran will outsource the containers to “the experts from France or Canada.”

“Then no matter is the consequence might be revealed and publicized to the world,” Abedzadeh mentioned.


Extra on this: CNN’s aviation knowledgeable Richard Quest mentioned the essential level right here is Iran will want the assistance of very skilled folks to obtain the information if the containers are broken.

Quest mentioned it’s unlikely the containers can be opened if broken. If broken, they’d solely be opened below probably the most exacting circumstances. Quest mentioned knowledge can’t be learn till the containers are opened, the information is downloaded after which analyzed. French or Canadian aviation officers would have the wanted expertise and tools to do that.


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