UK coronavirus live: Wales unveils 'modest' lockdown changes, signalling no major easing of UK rules

VE 75th anniversary marked with reduced events, before the & # 39; script & # 39; Boris Johnson's Sunday morning to ease blocking restrictions

1:41 pm BST


Sturgeon said:

None of us, including myself, wants these restrictions to be applied for a minute longer than they should be, but we cannot allow ourselves to become complacent against this virus. By decreasing restrictions prematurely, we run the risk of undoing all the progress we have made, we run the risk of allowing the virus to spread out of control and it would cost lives.

1:40 pm BST


Sturgeon says the UK's four nations can move at different speeds. "The only change we are considering in the immediate term is guidance on outdoor exercise," she said. More details will be provided on Sunday.

Sturgeon said the R number in Scotland is higher than the rest of the UK, but she did not give a number.


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