UK Broadband outage disaster: New stats reveal just how bad your web internet really is

Data from the National Broadband independent survey, which surveyed 2,000 adults across the UK, showed that nearly one in five (17%) felt increasingly disconnected from family and friends due to technical problems since the blockade.

The main problems that people faced during the block due to the lack of internet or the 33% that suffered interruptions, according to the survey:


• Favorite TV show / movie lost or interrupted (9%)

• Missed or interrupted video calls with friends (9%)

• Lost the security of a food delivery slot (6%)


• Interrupted at a virtual business meeting (5%)

• Missed a virtual fitness class (4%)


• Lost or interrupted virtual family party (4%)

• Failed to speak to a sick / unloved loved one (4%)

• interruptions during a virtual job interview (4%)

• Missed a planned virtual date (3%)


• Could not attend a virtual funeral (3%)


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