Trump says he only will submit to GOP oversight for his administration

"The house is a bunch of Trump haters," Trump argued as he left the White House for Arizona for a tour of a Honeywell facility.

Trump's remarks constituted an admission that he was looking to prevent Democrats from performing his supervisory duties with regard to his administration coronavirus response, even though he is willing to allow Republicans to continue. Last week, the White House said the attempts to block Fauci from testifying were due to planning and time management issues, which Trump did not mention on Tuesday.
Pelosi slams the White House for limiting the coronavirus workforce testimony

The White House issued a memo Monday to restrict members of the task force's hearing after recently blocking Fauci from witnessing a subcommittee on the house. Fauci is still expected to appear for a Republican-led Senate committee later this month.


Trump admitted that the difference in treatment for the House versus the Senate was who controls each chamber. He said the house is anchored because it fails to fight coronavirus.

"They honestly want our situation not to succeed, which means death," he argued baselessly. "They should be ashamed of themselves."

He attributed the difference to political motives.


"They want us to fail so they can win an election, which they won't win," he said.

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