Trump once more airs doubtful claims in newest assaults on windmills


“You know, I know windmills very much. I’ve studied it better than anybody I know,” Trump informed a gathering of younger conservatives in West Palm Seashore, Florida, over the weekend.

Blasting some Democrats’ assist for his least-favorite type of power manufacturing, Trump claimed the method for manufacturing windmills in some international locations creates air air pollution for your complete planet.


“It’s very expensive. They’re made in China and Germany mostly — very few made here, almost none. But they’re manufactured tremendous — if you’re into this — tremendous fumes. Gases are spewing into the atmosphere. You know we have a world, right? So the world is tiny compared to the universe,” the President stated on the Turning Level USA convention. “You talk about the carbon footprint — fumes are spewing into the air. Right? Spewing. Whether it’s in China, Germany, it’s going into the air. It’s our air, their air, everything — right?”

Trump has complained about windmills all through his presidency, slamming the know-how all over the place from the G7 convention in France this 12 months to a Republican fundraising dinner speech that he used to assert windmill noise causes most cancers. Scientific research haven’t recognized any human well being threat.

His hatred of windmills stretches again even additional than his political profession, when he spent years battling the development of wind generators close to his golf course property in Scotland.

On Saturday, Trump argued the presence of generators close to anybody’s house slashes the worth of that home in half.

Trump's war on windmills continues

“So they make these things and then they put them up. And if you own a house within vision of some of these monsters, your house is worth 50% of the price,” Trump claimed. “They’re noisy. They kill the birds. You want to see a bird graveyard? You just go. Take a look. A bird graveyard. Go under a windmill someday. You’ll see more birds than you’ve ever seen ever in your life.”

A CNN reality examine in March, nonetheless, discovered that whereas some properties can see a lower in worth when generators are deliberate and constructed close by, a number of main tutorial research discovered no statistically important lower within the common property worth attributable to wind generators within the US.

The President additionally claimed Saturday that generators in California are killing “many bald eagles,” placing a brand new twist on a standard declare about windmills massacring birds.

“You know, in California, they were killing the bald eagle. If you shoot a bald eagle, they want to put you in jail for 10 years. A windmill will kill many bald eagles. It’s true,” Trump stated.


“And you know what? After a certain number, they make you turn the windmill off. That’s true, by the way. This is — they make you turn it off after you — and yet, if you killed one they put you in jail. That’s OK. But why is it OK for these windmills to destroy the bird population? And that’s what they’re doing.”

It is true that wind generators kill birds — a whole lot of 1000’s of them, in accordance with the American Hen Conservancy and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.
Concerning eagles, the Obama administration enormously elevated the variety of protected bald or golden eagles that may be killed or injured by wind generators earlier than wind power firms face penalties.

CNN’s Zachary B. Wolf and Holmes Lybrand contributed to this report.

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