Trump denies knowledge of call with Sondland where they discussed Ukraine

Rep. Adam Schiff called new information that diplomat Bill Taylor provided today “very important.”

Schiff said Taylor’s testimony — in which he said his aide overheard Trump telling an ambassador he wanted a Biden probe — is evidence that ties the scandal directly to the President, and not any Trump aides.

“This is very obviously very important because there is an effort apparently to by the President’s allies to throw Sondland under the bus, throw Mulvaney under the bus, throw anybody under the bus in an effort to protect the president. But what this call indicates as other testimony has likewise indicated is that instructions are coming from the President on down,” Schiff said.

He added that this witness who was on that call is “potentially very important,” noting that the committee scheduled a closed-door deposition with the staffer for Friday.

More context: David Holmes is the aide who heard the July 26 call between US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland and President Trump, according to a source familiar with a scheduled deposition.

Taylor testified today that Sondland told an aide that Trump’s interest in Ukraine was the “investigations of Biden,” and he cared more about an investigation of former Vice President Joe Biden than he did about Ukraine.

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