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Trump ‘cared more about investigations of Biden’ than Ukraine policy, says impeachment witness – live | US news

Taylor: I’m not a ‘star witness for anything’

Republican counsel press witnesses on Hunter Biden

As Bill Taylor began his testimony this morning, there was a a stark difference in the coverage on Fox News and elsewhere. A box appeared next to Taylor onscreen, nominally giving background information on the acting US ambassador to Ukraine.

Intriguingly, that background information was sourced from Donald Trump and the GOP’s criticism of Taylor.

“President Trump dismissed Taylor as a ‘never Trumper’,” Fox News informed its viewers. It added: “White House called Taylor’s closed-door testimony ‘triple hearsay’.”

Fox News offered less information on the actual substance of Taylor’s testimony: in which he said he had a “clear understanding” that the release of US aid was tied to Ukraine investigating the Bidens. Specifically, it offered no information.

Danielle Misiak

fox’s graphic for bill taylor vs. msnbc’s graphic

you already know how this is gonna play out

November 13, 2019

Other than that, Fox News has so far done its best to present Bill Taylor’s testimony as un-explosive.

As the rest of the media has marveled at Bill Taylor’s statement that Trump “cared more about investigations of Biden” than Ukraine policy, and that a Taylor staffer overheard a Trump phone call where the president asked about “the investigations”, much of Fox News’ coverage has adopted a “nothing to see here” approach.

Across television news coverage, CNN, ABC and MSNBC have repeatedly changed their chyrons to represent the latest revelations from Taylor and George Kent’s testimony, Fox News has kept its own on-screen text staunchly neutral: “TAYLOR AND KENT TESTIFY IN FIRST IMPEACHMENT HEARING.” It was also the only channel to cut to an adbreak as Adam Schiff began questioning the two officials.

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