Trump administration’s ‘Operation Warp Speed’ identifies 14 vaccines to focus on

Those involved in the effort expect to have six to eight of the vaccines being tested and come to subsequent rounds of studies, the official said. Officials hope to have three to four vaccines to do so through final testing and be made available, but it depends on how the testing and clinical trials continue and how successful they are.

"Operation Warp Speed"seeks to rapidly increase production, organize distribution and determine who gets the first doses of a potential vaccine. The goal – which may prove impossible to meet – is to make 100 million doses of the vaccine available by November, 200 million doses by December and 300 million doses by January, an administrative official has told CNN.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country's best communicable disease expert, has suggested January as a potential date for a vaccine, but vaccines usually takes years to produce.
NBC News first reported that the administration is looking at 14 potential vaccines.
"We are very confident that we will get a vaccine by the end of the year," President Donald Trump said Sunday night at a Fox News City Hall.
Last week, Fauci so "if everything falls into place properly" there may be one coronavirus vaccine by January – but added that there are "a number of situations that can go wrong." He also mentioned the potential risk of experimental coronavirus vaccines and called for several tests.
"It may suddenly have a safety signal," Fauci said during one CNN Global Town Hall – Coronavirus: Facts and Fears. "If it doesn't work, it doesn't protect people. I've been involved in vaccine work for decades. Not all vaccines we went to after work."

He continued, "It's an assumption that it's going to be safe, it's going to be effective and we're going to be able to do it quickly. I think each of these is not only feasible, but maybe probable. that's what I mean when I say it by January, we'll do it. But I can't guarantee it. "

The scientific community has been under enormous pressure to find a vaccine – a process usually measured this year, not months, and Operation Warp Speed ​​has mainly received a blank check from the administration. CNN has reported that a director of the project is expected to be announced this week.

Vaccine trials usually start with animal testing before being started in a three-phase process. The first phase involves injecting the vaccine into a small group of people to assess safety and monitor the immune response.

The second phase ramps up the number of people – often hundreds, and often includes several members of risk groups – for a randomized study.

If the results are promising, the study goes for phase-three tests for efficacy and safety with thousands or tens of thousands of people, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This company can provide a daunting timeline, but vaccines are seen as the Holy Grail. If the American population can be vaccinated for coronavirus, it will make it easier for the country to reopen completely.
Number confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States has topped more than 1 million and more than 67,000 people have died as of mid-Monday morning.

CNN's Greg Clary, Sara Murray and Paul LeBlanc contributed to this report.

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