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Trudeau finishes meetings with opposition leaders with Green Party’s Elizabeth May

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is finishing a week of meetings with opposition leaders in Ottawa today by sitting down with the Green Party’s Elizabeth May this morning.

May has stepped down as party leader, but is still head of the Greens’ three-member caucus in the House of Commons.

Trudeau has been seeking common ground with the Conservative, Bloc Québécois and NDP leaders in separate sessions as he prepares to return to Parliament in December with a minority government. 

He’ll need the backing of at least one of those parties to get any law passed. The first opportunity for a test of support will be his speech from the throne laying out his general plans for governing.

The Greens elected more MPs in the October vote than ever before, with three, but remain the only party in the Commons that doesn’t have the numbers to give Trudeau’s Liberals a win by voting with the government.

That makes the meeting more a courtesy than a negotiation between rivals seeking to find compromises to advance their agendas.

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