Top HHS spokesman repeatedly directed sexually crude and sexist tweets at women

Michael Caputo, who just started the department in April, called several women on Twitter "dogface" and made crude insinuations and sexist comments directed at former FBI lawyer Lisa Page before joining HHS.
KFile considered several thousand deleted tweets from Caputo in 2019 and 2020, which were available on the Internet archive "The Wayback Machine." The review also revealed additional offensive tweets from Caputo aimed at prominent public figures.
Caputo, a staunch loyalist of President Donald Trump, worked on the 2016 presidential campaign as an adviser and surrogate. He regularly deletes tweets and deletes almost the whole Twitter story in advance of April 12. The Republican Political Operative in New York was appointed as Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs at HHS April 15.

The prominent communications position puts Caputo in a pivotal role in coordinating the federal government's announcement of the coronavirus pandemic. CNN publishes its deleted tweets to give a complete picture of Caputo's views.

CNN has previously reported that Caputo in other tweets made racist and derogatory comments about Chinese, saying Democrats wanted coronavirus to kill millions of people and accused the media of deliberately panicking the pandemic to hurt Trump.


Caputo responded in an email to CNN, writing: "I stopped caring about what hand cranking, virtues signal the left side about me after their 59th death threat to my family. Have fun with this while fighting a deadly pandemic 24 / 7. "

The White House did not return a request for comment.

Sexist tweets


In 2019, Caputo repeatedly directed his irony at Page, the former FBI lawyer who exchanged anti-Trump text messages with FBI agent Peter Strzok while the couple, who were having an affair, worked with Hillary Clinton's e-probe and Russia investigation.

Caputo called Page a "Jezebel, ”and a "notorious homemaker." He tweeted a picture by Page writes, "Sedition is almost as fun as other people's." Caputo he thought "aroused women by #Resistance" supported Page "until it's time to introduce her to her husbands."

Caputo was interviewed by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller's prosecution and testified before the Congress under the Russia probe. He supposedly denied that there was cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russia. Caputo's ire against Page seemed to stem from his own involvement in the Russia probe.

The president and some of his supporters have gone after Page and Strozk for their private lives as well as their professional work. The president repeatedly referred to the pair as "lovers" in tweets and mocked them at a meeting in October 2019 with a fake conversation between the two who also appeared imitate a couple having sex.
In December 2019, Caputo responded directly to a tweet from Page with a rough reference to oral sex, and wrote, "what's on your chin."
In another tweet in December 2019, Caputo again replied to Page with a sexually suggestive tweet.

"I never thought you were breaking the law, Lisa – sleeping around with married men is quite legal. Your political opinions are also not illegal, just unethical at work, like your cases. You were dragged into this for hate and love – your hatred for Trump and your love for, well, you know, "he wrote. The tweet included a GIF of a train going into a tunnel.

Page declined to comment on CNN on Caputo's tweets.

In other tweets from 2020, Caputo repeatedly referred to different women like "dogface", and tell them "look at this dogface", "you have dogface", and "I will never sleep with you, dog-face." In another tweet Caputo told a woman to "go f ** k yourself" and said she was "ugly", calling her "honey."
He called Alexandra Chalupa, a Democratic consultant, a crone and a "nutty hag."

Chalupa told CNN: "Weak men are threatened by strong women."

Explicit attacks on politicians and government officials


Caputo's use of rough and vulgar language was not just reserved for women.


He also used it to attack politicians and government officials whom he viewed as insufficiently supportive of the Trump administration or who had a personal grudge.

In October 2019, Caputo sent a string of tweets attacking then-Attorney General Rod Rosenstein at the height of the inquiry into Trump, calling him a "piece of shit, "one"traitor, "and"asshole", and a"seditionist. "

Rosenstein told CNN in an email that he does not read comments on Twitter.

Caputo also insulted and criticized Mark Zaid, the lawyer who represented the whistleblower whose complaint against President Trump triggered the House of Representatives inquiry.

Zaid and Caputo got a back and forth on Twitter, where Caputo told Zaid to "go romance yourself" and go "blow me advisor."
On other occasions, Caputo said that Zaid was a "very nice left with zero testosterone" and that Zaid was an "evning."

Zaid responded to Caputo's tweets in a comment on CNN.

"It's bad enough to learn in today's social media world how awful, petty and immature people can be at times," Zaid said. "But believing that these are the same people the Trump administration is hiring for senior level, public positions, it reinforces how much work will be needed in the future to restore the damage caused by democracy – even humanity – since 2017 . "

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