Top 8 hurlers to never win an All-Ireland

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So with GAA it probably won't go further this summer. I decided to compile some player lists. This list will analyze the top 8 pitchers to never win an All-Ireland.

  1. Ken McGrath (Waterford) – One of the best players of all time to play. The Monte Sion man made his debut in 1996 and would continue to play until 2011. He would win four Munster titles with Deise and three star awards. McGrath, who now specializes in The Sunday Game, was unlucky enough not to win a title in his 15-year career


2) Tony Browne (Waterford) – Tony made his debut in 1991 for Waterford. He played until 2014, a career between municipalities that spans 23 seasons. He won 4 Munster titles, 1 National League and 3 stars. Browne was named top scorer of the year in 1998. The Mount Sion man would also win seven county titles.

3) Ciaran Carey (Limerick) – Ciaran made his debut in 1989 for the Shannonsiders. He would finish the pitch between counties in 2004. He would win 2 Munster titles, 2 National League and 3 star awards. Carey played with his Patrickswell club from 1987 to 2004. With his club, he would win 9 county and Munster titles.


4) John Mullane (Waterford) – Mullane was undoubtedly one of the best strikers in the game not to win an Irish medal. The De La Salle club played with Deise from 2001 to 2014. He scored 15-134 in 47 games. Mullane would win 4 Munster titles, 1 National League and 5 star awards. The 39-year-old still plays with his club and also comments on live games with RTE.

5) Ollie Canning (Galway) – Joe Canning's older brother. Canning is now an expert at Sky Sports. Canning won everything in the game with an Irish title with Galway. He debuted in 1996 and retired in 2010. He would win 3 Connacht titles, 4 national leagues and 4 star awards. With Portumna, he won 6 county titles, 3 Connacht titles and 4 titles from across Ireland. One of the best songs of the last 20 or 30 years, for sure.

6 Dan Shanahan (Waterford) – "Dan the Man" debuted in 1995 for Waterford and retired in 2014. Dan won 4 Munster titles, 3 stars and 1 National League. He won the pitcher of the year award in 2007, after some excellent performances. Currently, he still fights with his club Lismore.


7) Damien Hayes (Galway) – Hayes played club fighting with Portumna until last year. He played with Galway from 2001 to 2014, scoring 20-85 in 52 games. He would win 1 Connacht title, 2 national leagues and 3 stars. With his club, he would win four Irish titles, three from Connacht and six from the county. A remarkable player.


8) Paul Flynn (Waterford) – The Ballygunner man would play for Waterford from 1993 to 2008. He would win 3 Munster titles, 1 National award and 1 all-star award. With Ballygunner Flynn he would claim 8 county titles and 1 Munster title.

This completes my list of the 8 best pitchers to ever win an All-Ireland.

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