Tom Hanks writes to boy called Corona who said he was bullied


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Tom Hanks recovered from coronavirus last month in Australia

American actor Tom Hanks wrote a letter and sent a gift to the Corona typewriter to an Australian boy who said he was bullied because of his name – Corona.


Corona De Vries, 8, first wrote to Toy Story actor and his wife Rita Wilson after they fell ill with the virus in Queensland.

"I heard on the news that you and your wife got the coronavirus," wrote the boy. "Are you alright?"


He added that he loved his name, but was being called a "coronavirus" at school.

"I get very sad and angry when people call me that," he wrote.

In response, Hanks responded with a letter that began: "Dear friend Corona".

"Your letter made my wife and I feel so wonderful! Thanks for being such a good friend – friends make friends feel good when they are sad."


Hanks and Wilson are back in the U.S. after spending about three weeks recovering from the virus on the Gold Coast in March.


The Oscar-winning actor said to the boy, "You are the only person I have ever met under the name Corona – like the ring around the sun, a crown".

He also sent a Corona typewriter, used during quarantine in the city.

"I thought this typewriter would suit you," he said. "I took it to the Gold Coast and now it's back – with you. Ask an adult how it works. And use it to write me back."

O The De Vries family told Australian media Nine News , who helped Corona convey his letter to Tom Hanks, that the boy was excited to get a "new friend in the US".

Corona sought out Hanks because of his role as Woody in the Toy Story films, his family said.

Hanks had written by hand at the end of the letter, "PS! You have a friend in me!" – a reference to the theme song of the popular film.

Last month, the Hollywood couple traveled to Australia, where Wilson did a series of shows and Hanks started filming a biography of Elvis Presley, directed by Baz Luhrmann.

The couple is thought to have contracted the virus in the US or while traveling to Australia.

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