TikTok trend shows teenagers shaving their eyebrows & # 39; to look like Kendall Jenner & # 39;


From men dipping their testicles in soy sauce to teenagers putting coins in iPhone chargers, a series of bizarre trends has hit TikTok the past few weeks.


Now, the latest trend shows teenagers shaving half their eyebrows, to look like Kendall Jenner. & # 39;

The trend, widely known as the "Fox Eye" challenge, was inspired by Kendall Jenner, known for her distinctive eyebrows.

While Kendall probably relies on a team of specialized makeup artists to achieve his look, several ambitious teenagers tried to recreate his look by shaving the ends of his eyebrows.


Unsurprisingly, the challenge was not a good one for many TikTok users.

User @thotimusprimex posted a video of her challenge, sobbing: "Fox eyebrows are a lie and I'm suing you. I miss my eyebrows”

Unsurprisingly, the challenge did not go well for many TikTok users

User @thotimusprimex posted a video of her challenge, sobbing: "The fox eyebrows are a lie and I am suing you. I miss my eyebrows.

Meanwhile, @ramonamszros shaved the ends of his eyebrows, joking: ‘It should be illegal to have that power.”

The trend comes just after a dangerous challenge to & # 39; pass out & # 39; in the TikTok rounds.

The bizarre challenge sees teenagers shaking their heads from side to side repeatedly, before passing out.

A quick search on #passoutchallenge reveals thousands of videos of teenagers trying the challenge.

Worryingly, experts warned of the risks associated with the challenge, including fainting, seizures, brain damage and even death.


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