TikTok ban: Now US and Australia call for block after India pulls app

Since September of last year, TikTok had 150,000 users in Hong Kong, a small part of the two billion downloads that the application has gained globally until April this year.

While this is an insignificant amount of the user base, the biggest blow is the ban already in place in India – and it requires the same in the US and Australia.


As reported in in a post by Business Insider, there is growing pressure to ban TikTok just a month after the company opened its first local office.

An unnamed federal deputy called for TikTok to be banned in Australia, while Senator Jenny McAllister also spoke on the subject.

The chairman of the Selected Foreign Interference Committee via Social Media in Australia said: "There have been credible reports that TikTok collects more data than its users would expect, and moderates the content for reasons that users may not feel comfortable with.


"I think Australians expect TikTok and other platforms to appear before the Senate committee to answer questions – about their own policies and the best way to ensure a healthy social media environment."

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