Three policemen test positive for COVID-19

Osagie Otabor, Akure

Three policemen linked to the Yaba Police Division, Ondo City, Ondo State, tested positive for COVID-19.

They said they contracted the illness from a senior colleague who refused to get tested despite having symptoms.


Police officers were admitted to the state's Infectious Diseases Hospital, Akure, the state capital.

Sources said the senior female police officer used herbs for treatment, rather than taking a test to find out her COVID status.

She was exposed by a relative who posted on a WhatsApp platform that her sister was taking herbs at home for treatment instead of going to the hospital.


The relative said she shouted at innocent people around her not to be infected if she tested positive.

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According to the post, "I am ready to provide all the necessary information. It is my blood sister. Family members did not know. People in the neighborhood do not know (about her health) and she is drinking herbs.


Who knows what's going on with other officers too? She is not the only one at the Yaba police station, Yaba is a large police station in the city of Ondo.

Ondo Police spokesman ASP Tee-Leo Ikoro confirmed that there was a police officer infected with the disease in the Yaba Police Division, but was not a senior police officer.

He said: "When I heard about it yesterday and we investigated it, we found out that he was the federal SARS officer for the division they were referring to and he was quarantined."

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