The single's guide to surviving Valentine's Day: a three-step program


For those who are single, Valentine's Day is a bustling day of judgment ("Oh, a table for … one?"), A day when the "Beta[i], the shaadi kab karoge ”intensifies and, when frightening blinks from well-meaning aunts / uncles, it shivers down your spine. Everywhere you look, you will find abandoned lovers, desperate singles and a couple of kisses (get a room, guys!). It's a day when you can't escape sickening messages, heart-shaped balloons and mummified roses.

How fun is that? Valentine's Day is to express love, not to send you on some kind of guilt trip.


Being single on Valentine's Day is not the end of the world.

Depending on your mood, you have several ways to deal with the situation, but first …


Get in shape or get out: Perhaps you are a romantic at heart who, despite his happy appearance, spends Valentine's Day in total depression, crying himself to sleep while hugging his pillow a little tighter. Well, now is the time to change your life.

To be successful single, you must be happy in your own company. As you are not, put your life together and throw yourself out there. Shower, shave, get a haircut, upgrade your wardrobe (sign up for Vogue or GQ if necessary) take a selfie at an angle that makes you look vaguely human and put your profile on Tinder, Bumble, or where else people go in those moments. Of course, you will fail and often, but suck it up and move on.



With that out of the way, let's look at what it really takes to survive Day V:

The cleaning

The first step is to clear your system of evil thoughts.

Sit on trial: Instead of being frustrated by everyone's constant criticism and judgment, how about you judge? Studies show that the average relationship lasts only a few years, and you know that these V-day connections don't last. Prepare a batch of popcorn, open the pits that are Facebook and Instagram and start judging!


And don't restrain yourself. Let the grudge flow freely, let everything out of your system. Make mental bets on the longevity of relationships and study "I told you" cards. When judging each couple, be sure to imagine what it will be like to pat yourself on the back when things happen exactly as you predicted.

#DeleteFacebook: Now that you’ve managed to get raw and painful emotions out of the way, delete Facebook. Not only will you be doing yourself and the world a favor, but you will also eliminate contact with pestiferous family groups and treacherous friends.


In fact, take the opportunity to clear your social media feed and contact lists. Clean up the people you don't love. Instead, choose to surround yourself with the one you love (platonically or not). Apply the principles of KonMari Method here: if your contacts don't bring joy, clean up! I will thank your future.

Keeping busy

The next step is to keep yourself busy. You may be a strong-willed man, but V-Day is a particularly strong reminder that primitive mating instincts are still part of the human condition. In order not to give in to these basal impulses, it’s best to keep yourself so busy that these thoughts don’t hinder your best judgment.


Be productive: Another secret to survival is to stay productive. Do things. Do not stop. Now is the time to do the things you have been putting off. Light up Lightroom and eliminate these unwanted duplicates. Complete this 10,000-piece puzzle. Redo the cabling on your PC. Do something, anything. Lest we forget, our brain is unstable. Don't be idle and let him take control.

Eat healthy: On V day, the last thing you want to do is order food. This is not the day when you want to watch Valentine's Day special offers. Discounts on chocolates and desserts? Two for the price of one? Phooey! Be one [wo]man and cook! Even if you don't know, you have the whole day to find out. The internet is filled with one delicious recipe after another and there are plenty of apps to choose from. Better yet, if you have an Echo device, Alexa can easily guide you through the recipe.

Embracing the V-Day Spirit

Now that you're in a better place, mentally anyway, you might want to think about giving back. After all, Valentine's Day is about love. Now that you have judged, be happy for the couples who absorb themselves around you and look at them at the unhappy and indifferent mass of humanity beyond.

How about volunteering your time in a home for the elderly?

How about volunteering your time in a home for the elderly?

Spread the love: Volunteer your time in a home for the elderly, pick up a bouquet of roses and distribute them to random men and women on the street (don't be alarmed by this). Tell people that someone cares, even if they're a complete stranger.

Lend your skills: Help the less fortunate to connect with their loved ones. Show your paperwala how to use Google Duo, write messages for those who can't. Maybe donate some gifts for someone to take home?

Animals also need a little love: If humans are not to your liking, how about going to the nearest animal shelter or thinking about adopting a mongrel, especially cats. Cats may seem indifferent and indifferent, but emotionally they are sensitive and vulnerable creatures. And when it comes to dogs, their souls are literally in your eyes, you can never go wrong with them.


Before you know it, you will realize that you not only survived Valentine's Day, but found a new calling. And who knows, you may just find someone special with the same opinion who will change your life forever!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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