The Media Industry Is Being Hit Hard But Bon Appetit, Vanity Fair, Grazia Are Doing Well

Although advertising revenue fell sharply in the media, some sites generated record traffic and certain print publications registered an increase in subscribers and paid members.

El Diario is a Spanish-only online newspaper that charges for membership.


Strategy director Maria Ramirez said the newspaper ceased to have 36,000 subscribers on March 10, just before the outbreak that hit Spain, to 52,000 now.

Ramirez says the cost of the annual subscription has also been increased from 60 to 80 euros (from about 52 to 70 pounds) – readers had the opportunity to keep the old price if they could not pay, but a "large majority" accepted the new one price, with some going even further.

"As a result, we've never received as much revenue directly from readers as we do now," she told BuzzFeed News.


"In normal times, advertising means 2/3 of revenue, but with the huge increase in subscriptions in the past few weeks and the prospects for advertising in decline, we believe this year will be 50/50 or more in favor of subscription revenue."

Traffic to the BuzzFeed News website increased 87% last month, reaching more than 51 million people in March, according to data from ComScore.


In the UK, several newspapers, including the Guardian, FT and Times saw an increase in members and subscribers.

The long-term challenge for the media industry as a whole will be to continue to adapt to these changing trends, while translating some of these new initiatives, readers and followers into lasting revenue, as other sources of income continue to fall.

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