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The Lifeless Mars Rover Didn't Truly Say That "My Battery" Factor – Futurism

My Battery Is Low

When information broke final week that NASA had lastly given up hope on its long-lived Alternative Mars rover, one truth dominated the dialog: that the rover’s final phrases have been the emo-sounding line “My battery is low and it’s getting dark.”

The road originated with science reporter Jacob Margolis, who tweeted that the rover’s that these had “basically” been the rover’s final phrases. The web instantly exploded, with the tweet going viral and the road being cited in NPR, the New York Every day InformationABC and, for the sake of transparency, Futurism.


Now, Margolis is correcting the document. In a new piece for LAist, he clarified that the “poetic translation” was based mostly on what two Mars Exploration Rover Mission instructed him in regards to the rover’s last transmissions — not a literal message.

“While not as catchy as seven words on a T-shirt, Oppy’s final message back to headquarters is still impressive,” Margolis wrote in LAist.

It’s Getting Darkish

Nonetheless, Margolis says, the truth that Alternative was nonetheless broadcasting messages a decade and a half after launch to an alien world is very spectacular.

“And the fact that robot was super cute, doesn’t hurt either,” he quipped.

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