‘The Last Dance’ reactions: Best moments include shrugs, snubs and sunglasses

Sunday's episodes of "The Last Dance" touched on a variety of subjects, from an emotional tribute to Kobe Bryant to the resentments that Michael Jordan still holds to the hilarious security guard who put the Bulls legend in his place.

Bryant, Charles Barkley, Isiah Thomas, Tony Kukoc, Jerry Seinfeld and even Michael Jordan's mother, Deloris, appeared on Twitter at various points during the live broadcast of the documentary on ESPN.


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Here are some of the best social media reactions to episodes five and six of "The Last Dance":

Tribute to Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant gave his interview to the documentary before he died in a helicopter accident on January 26, which means that his part of episode five was left intact by the way it was edited before his death, outside of an intro tribute.


Then came the 1998 All-Star Game scene, inside the East locker room, with Jordan and the other All Stars talking about Bryant as a promising young man.


In Bryant's interview, he said he saw Jordan as his "big brother", and Jordan said he also thought of Bryant as a "little brother".


Adidas disrupts Jordan's footwear offer

During the documentary, Jordan revealed that he really wanted to sign with Adidas out of college, but the company didn't even offer him a deal because they said they couldn't make him his own line of shoes.

Jordan not only preferred Adidas, but he didn't even want to meet with Nike executives. But luckily, his mother convinced him.

Isiah Thomas snubbed from the 1992 Olympics

The 1992 Dream Team is one of the most emblematic teams in the sport's history, but there was much controversy about Isiah Thomas being left out. Much of the blame for Thomas's contempt is his fight with Jordan after he and the Pistons refused to shake hands with the Bulls after their defeat in the 1991 Eastern Conference finals. Twitter made a point of telling many jokes about the situation.

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen with Tony Kukoc

Another conflict during the 1992 Olympics was tension between Bulls' teammates Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen with the USA and Tony Kukoc with Croatia. Kukoc was being prepared by GM Jerry Krause to be the future of the Bulls, which Jordan and Pippen did not appreciate because they felt they were being disrespected.

This put a target on Kukoc's back when the United States and Croatia clashed.

Charles Barkley was good at basketball

Remember when Draymond Green said he had more impact as a player than Charles Barkley? Yes, that was stupid, and "The Last Dance" reminded everyone of how stupid Barkley's performance was during the 1993 season, in which he won the MVP against Jordan and took the Suns to the NBA finals.

Michael Jordan sunglasses

During the 1993 Eastern Conference finals against the New York Knicks, reports emerged that Jordan had gambling problems. He didn't speak to the media for a week before finally giving Ahmahd Rashad an interview, saying he had no gambling problems while wearing the darkest sunglasses you've ever seen in your life.

Michael Jordan's security guard joke

The gambling habit in Jordan extended to room games in United Center corridors with security guards before the games.

A guard made money from Jordan and celebrated with a shrug from MJ.

Jerry Seinfeld casually relaxes in the Bulls locker room

During the 1998 NBA season, the Bulls drew incredibly large crowds, with everyone struggling to see Jordan in what was said to be his last season in Chicago. All the biggest celebrities would show up to watch, and in the 90s, there was no one bigger than Jerry Seinfeld. His participation in the Bulls' locker room before a game gave a good laugh to many viewers.

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