The greatest prophet, Father Mbaka, attacks the office of Governor Uzodinma, for spiritual cleansing


The Spiritual Director of the Worship Ministries, Enugu, Nigeria, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, visited the Office of the Governor of Imo State and dedicated the Office and the entire building to God.

Mbaka is said to have spent about three hours cleaning and dedicating the building to God.


Sources composed of security guards and civil servants from the State Government House, Owerri, according to reports, said: “Fr. Mbaka was here (Government House). It was he who dedicated the Governor's Office. He was here for more than three hours. He came with another priest, Fr. Optimbodombo and its Church workers.

“He was in one of the cars for a long time, before getting out and dedicating it to the Governor's Office. Later, we besieged him, and he began to bless us and he blessed our sacramentals and chaplets.

“Fr. Mbaka personally prayed for me and I was happy. He blessed my chaplet, which I will use in prayers. They left after staying for at least three hours.


Remember, that the Catholic priest from the Enugu dioceses had prophesied that Hope Uzodinma would replace Emeka Ihedioha; a prophecy that happened on Tuesday.

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