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Like most other industries, the tennis industry was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. With physical and retail stores forced to close stores until further notice, sales have plummeted in recent months. It is not surprising that many of your favorite brands and retailers seem to have a big sale in what it looks like every few days.

At this point, many of these companies are simply trying to stay afloat and weather the storm. That said, we all know that, eventually, that pandemic will happily come to an end. When that day comes and life returns to normal (whatever it may be), what should we expect from the tennis industry? How will this change and how will it affect brands and consumers? Do sneakers, sneakers or will the basketball tennis industry always be the same? Here are some things that we feel will change in the tennis industry when this pandemic is over.


Changes will be made to the way we buy (in person)

Once physical stores can open their doors to business again, the way we are used to shopping in person is likely to be accompanied by some changes. We assume that the number of people allowed in a store will be drastically reduced to a number more appropriate to social distance, right?

We also assume that masks will now be a requirement when entering these stores. In other words, without a shirt, without shoes and now without masks, it is the same as no service. We wouldn't be surprised if stores now require you to make an appointment to visit stores going forward. Doing so limits the number of people allowed in the store at any given time. How about dressing rooms and try clothes and shoes? Do you think there will be changes in the way this is handled? Don't bet, that's all we're saying.

Tennis brands may end up launching less tennis releases

Every brand of tennis is being financially affected by this pandemic. The shoes are not being sold for a fraction of the rate they were a few months ago. If supply is high and demand is low, brands are almost certainly no longer launching shoes at the same rate or quantity. Consider for example Jordan Brand.


We are used to seeing Jumpman drop new shoes every Saturday. Although they can still continue to do so, the number of units per version will certainly decrease somewhat, don't you think? Although you hate to see it, we wouldn't be surprised if some of these smaller sneaker brands don't survive this pandemic. If the tennis brand "A" sold only an "X" amount of sneakers before this pandemic, and now they are selling only a fraction of "X", how do they manage to stay in business when profits are lower than Never? It makes no financial sense to continue settling.

Expect fewer tennis collaborations moving forward

It seems that all the major tennis brands have been betting heavily on collaborations for the past two years. After the pandemic is over, money will be tighter than ever. There will not be as much money for special projects as collaborations. That said, collaborations will still be one thing, they will still be highly coveted, but don't expect to see anything close to the amount of collaborations we were used to seeing before COVID-19.


Brands will be more selective with their influencers and ambassadors

It seems like every other major celebrity has a tennis deal nowadays, right? From your favorite rapper or singer, to influencers of the IG, more likely than not, these people have some kind of deal that has tennis brands paying for their services. Tennis brands will have smaller budgets to work with in the future. This means that the number of people they can sign as influencers and brand ambassadors will decrease substantially in size. Not only that, but the money given to these brand faces will also be less. Don't be surprised if some influencers who represent this brand in 2019-2020 don't do it anymore in 2021.

In conclusion, the only constant in life is change. The tennis industry will undoubtedly undergo some major changes in the future. That said, life will return to normal. Soon, people will return to work, spending money while living and enjoying life. When that day comes, the tennis industry will recover and be back better than ever.

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