The Division 2: Warlords of New York DLC review: Return to the Big Apple and face an old foe – Matthew Osborn

With the original The Division ending on a positive note and The Division 2 being welcomed at launch, the games since then it has slowly disappeared from the spotlight.


The new New York Warlords for TD2 takes players back to the scene of the first game. The snow may have disappeared, but ground zero is still the city that never sleeps.

The expansion also sees the return of the original antagonist Aaron Keener. This rogue Division agent has now started launching more biological attacks across the city and it is our job to bring him down forever this time.

Walk the streets of New York again

But finding Keener will not be easy, as you need to end the warlords and find clues as to his whereabouts. You can face warlords in any order, allowing you to control where you go in New York. The new map is about a third the size of the original DC map, but it has a lot to explore and collect.

With the new DLC, new missions emerge, which are probably some of the best that Massive Entertainment developers have produced, featuring the same satisfying sniper mechanics that everyone has fallen in love with.


But this time, small puzzles and rewards have been added to almost all new missions. For example, in one of the first missions you do, there are fuse boxes with cables spread throughout the building. Connecting them and finding the key sees you rewarded with some nice and early rare items.

Missions have more puzzle elements

With new missions, new technology comes for you to use. The immediate highlight is the return of the Sticky Bomb skill. At first, it seemed disheartening, but after a while – and a little bit of leveling – it was quite satisfying to use that old skill again.

One of the all-new and exciting skills is the Hologram Emitter, which allows you to drop a small device at a location of your choice and design a hologram to distract enemy units. You can heal or take the opportunity to blow them up with the sticky bomb.


During the expansion, you will reach level 40 and this will allow you to rise from 500 to 515 out of 5 points.


This is where players also look for the new reward system at the end of the game. Fortunately, Massive did away with useless loot caches. This has never seemed rewarding to elite players who have all the equipment and are looking for more ways to improve.

The caches have been replaced by an EXP system that allows you to permanently update your character. While they may be minor updates, over time they increase, and it is one of the ways Massive is tackling the huge amount of items you receive that are not worth your time.

The important ending of the game has been improved

Even if you don't buy the add-on, you will receive new item changes, making it easier to manage your inventory and spending more time playing the game to obtain the necessary equipment.

There are now more indicators to tell you if you already have something better saved and if you can store it in the Recalibration Station for a future weapon or armor slot.

The Division 2: Warlords of New York season will last for 12 weeks, bringing new dishonest agents to take down and new loot to acquire. It will be interesting to see what Massive has on the cards for the coming seasons, but the first one started well.

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Warlords takes a big step forward for The Division 2, correcting many of the problems that have been around for a long time, bringing a much-needed variety to the map.

The big city creates tighter and chaotic fights, adding to the experience. With new missions and skills for players to try, breathe some fresh air into the game.

The new reward system helps to make players feel valued for the time invested, and this is great for the elite among us. It's worth going back to the game to explore New York once again and finally hunt down Aaron Keener.

The Division 2: Warlords of New York is now available for £ 24.99 and is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Google Stadia


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