The best Amazon Echo accessories to buy at home

We probably didn't think there would be a time when we could scream demands in our homes and complete the tasks – but here we are and it is quite convenient around here.


If you have one Amazon Echo at home and want to get the most out of your smart home assistant, there are many accessories available to enhance your smart home experience.

If you are looking for a simple gadget to make your controls and demands more easily heard or lights that improve the mood to set the atmosphere at home, there is a complement for all needs.

We've collected ten of the main accessories that are worth adding to your cart now, to make your home a little smarter.


The best Amazon Echo accessories to buy at home

1 Proud wall holder for birds for the 3rd generation Dot

This affordable mount has been specially designed to fit the Echo Dot 3rd generation and other compatible smart speakers, such as smaller JBL models.


To avoid messy cables, the holder has a unique design that allows you to wrap the power cable on the back of the holder, keeping it protected from children, pets, travel risks and even water.

Thanks to the special design of the wall mount, the sound of your smart speaker will never be lost as it can improve the sound quality of the speaker by 10% to 15%, allowing you to use voice control in any room of the House.

It has a quick and simple installation process, without a screwdriver door in sight.

Price: € 8.99, Amazon – buy here now


2) Lumiman Smart LED Bulb

Lumiman Smart LED Bulb

The Lumiman LED lamp is super simple to install, following the instructions step by step through a free application that allows you to control everything wirelessly, without the need for a hub.

The lamp is compatible with Amazon Alexa Echo, Echo dot and Google Home Assistant, using voice commands, you can turn on and off various lights in the house, even if you are not at home.

With more than 16 million colors to choose from, you can create your perfect environment, in addition to being able to darken selected colors. The app also supports lighting timers and allows multiple family members to take control of their devices.

Price: € 13.99, Amazon – buy here now

3) EZVIZ Full HD external Wi-Fi security camera

EZVIZ Full HD external Wi-Fi security camera

Compared to many of its competitors, this EZVIZ full HD security camera has great features for a fraction of the price.

It is equipped with professional optical lenses, two built-in reflectors and two infrared (IR) lights. With color night vision also on the cards, you get super sharp and crystal clear images, even when it's dark.

Spotlights can also be used as spotlights to illuminate hidden areas around the property or to act as a deterrent.

The camera's dual antennas ensure reliable wireless transmission indoors or outdoors, and with built-in Wi-Fi technology, you can link it to your Amazon assistant to view live images using just the sound of your voice.

Price: £ 69.99, Argos – buy here now

4) Eco Show 8

Eco Show 8

Get the most out of your Echo device, enhance your experience with an 8-inch Full HD screen and crisp stereo sound.

Whether you're watching your favorite TV shows, listening to a podcast, watching a tutorial or video messages – you can do it all with one cool gadget. You can also use it to place ads on your other compatible device.

Using the easy-to-use display, you can ask your device to display images from the security camera, control the lights at home, or adjust the thermostats.

Personalize your home screen with photo albums and create morning routines that you'll be happy to wake up to and finish.

Price: £ 89.99 Amazon – buy here now

5) Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD with Alexa Voice Remote

Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD with Alexa Voice Remote

With a new and improved wifi antenna design, optimized for 4K Ultra HD streaming, the Fire TV Stick is one of the most popular and powerful streaming media of the moment.

Watch all your favorite movies and TV shows with the Alexa Voice Remote, where you'll also have control over the power, volume and mute buttons to control compatible devices.

Using the remote control, you will have access to view supported live camera feeds, check the weather, dim the house and transmit music with the remote control.

Price: $ 49.99, Amazon – buy here now

6 LE Alexa 5m LED lights

LE Alexa 5m LED lights

Control the climate of your home with these LED strips, you will get five meters of cool light quality in various places in the house.

The strip lights are compatible with Amazon Echo, Dot, Google Home Mini and other devices, also come with a remote control or can be controlled through a free application on your smartphone, including to change and darken the 16 million colors available.

Thanks to the practical timer function, you have some lights on or off at the times requested. LampUX smart lights can be configured to automatically trigger preset scenes according to local sunrise / sunset time, temperature, humidity and more.

Price: € 23.99, Amazon – buy here now

7) Echo Studio

Echo Studio

Why have five speakers, when you can have five speakers in one?

Enjoy a totally immersive experience with Dolby Atmos technology and a device capable of automatically detecting the acoustics of your space, to offer the best quality sound.

Integrated smart home hubs make Studio compatible with Amazon Echo devices. All you have to do is use your voice, whether to transmit music, need a question answered or need to make an announcement to someone on the other side of the house.

Price: $ 699.99, Amazon – buy here now

8) Multizone Active Heating Beehive

Multizone Active Heating Beehive

Hive Active Heating Multizone is perfect for keeping all areas of your home at the ideal temperature.

You will need a Hive Active Heating for a zone; this update makes it easy to keep all zones in sync and will allow you to control them remotely more easily. You can also configure up to six daily heating and hot water schedules for each zone.

The kit contains a thermostat and a receiver. You can control the temperature through the app on your phone or shout for Alexa to turn the heating on or off.

Price: £ 95, John Lewis – buy here now

9 Echo Flex

Echo Flex

This plug i device is great for helping you make the most of Alexa in every room in your home.

The plug-in can be used in several ways, including locking doors, adjusting the temperature or connecting to the external speaker to play music; thanks to its built-in mini speaker to listen to Alexa.

It also has USB ports, if you need to charge your phone or add a third party accessory.

Price: € 24.99, Amazon – buy here now

10) Philips Hue Go – Portable LED color changing smart table lamp

Philips Hue Go – Portable LED color changing smart table lamp

Compatible with most home automation systems, like Echo, Google Assistant and more, this Philips Hue Go lamp is perfect for adding a little drama and color to your home spaces.

The lamp is completely portable and you will have about three hours of wireless run time, thanks to a powerful lithium battery. It is also capable of reaching millions of colors and different shades of white light, which can be synchronized with music, movies and more.

Use voice control to set lighting timers and adjust many other settings to get the perfect atmosphere.

Price: $ 69.99, Amazon – buy here now

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