The BBC's perfect solution for spending time with loved ones during the blockade

With the UK now in its eighth week of coronavirus many Britons look forward to spending time with their friends and family.


Now the BBC has launched a new tool that allows you to enjoy TV shows with your friends, without physically seeing them.

The tool, called BBC Together, allows you to watch or listen to BBC content iPlayer, Sounds, Bitesize, News and Sports in sync with others using different devices.

Libby Miller of BBC R&D said: "We wanted to see if technology could bring people together to watch and listen to BBC programs remotely as a shared experience."


See how to use the BBC Together tool and watch with your friends and family today.

BBC iPlayer

How to use BBC Together

  1. Find the link to a program or video part you want to watch with others from BBC iPlayer, Sounds, Bitesize, News or Sport
  2. Paste the link into the BBC Together service on here
  3. This will create a new group session that you can share via a link with your friends or family
  4. The host will be in control of the viewing session and will be able to pause, play, browse or choose a new program for everyone to watch

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The service is very similar to Netflix Party, which allows users to watch TV shows and movies on Netflix at the same time as their friends.

Meanwhile, YouTube and Vimeo have a similar service called Watch2Gether.

The BBC expects the service to bring friends and families together during confinement, although it remains unclear whether BBC Together will become a permanent resource.

Dr. Miller added: “We will be monitoring how well it works and thinking about how we can change that in the future, but we are looking forward to seeing and hearing about the creative ways that people use and getting their feedback on Taster. "


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