Tara Fela-Durotoye: How coronavirus is affecting beauty industry [ARTICLE]


House of Tara is a beauty and makeup giant created in 1998 and is a leading veteran in Nigeria's beauty industry.


Tara told Pulse Voices that the panic that informed her that the decision to withdraw was due to the physical interactivity of the beauty industry.


"If something happened to the team, the company would not be able to continue", she said.



As the world continues to go through a crisis that does not seem to have an imminent end, Tara says things need to change, especially in the beauty sector.

The new coronavirus disease was first detected in Wuhan, China in December 2019, and has since infected more than 6.4 million people worldwide, killing more than 378,000.

On June 1, Nigeria recorded 10,578 cases in 35 states and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, with 299 deaths.

Measures taken by governments around the world to curb the spread of respiratory disease included partial or complete blockages that restricted movement and disrupted social and economic activities.

As a result of the restrictions, many states in Nigeria were partially or completely paralyzed during most of April and parts of May.

With many of these restrictions being eased in Nigeria, even as cases continue to rise, Tara says the sector needs to operate according to a new set of rules to protect companies and customers.

She said beauty studios should make it mandatory for employees to protect themselves as much as possible with masks, face shields, glasses, gloves and overalls before dealing with customers who should also use as much protection as possible.

She said, "We work with workstations as make-up artists, and one of the things we will do is to ensure that all workstations have a disposable cloth and we use surface disinfectants for as long as the customer is at that workstation.

"This protocol will also be transported to homes where we encourage our customers to purchase their own brushes and professional makeup products.

"So, if you want to do your makeup, you need to have your own special products that the makeup artist can use, and you will have to have the type of brushes."

She encouraged less established makeup artists who work as freelancers to adopt these security measures and prioritize caution.

Tara noted that one of the worst ways in which the coronavirus has hit the beauty industry is to end all major social events, especially weddings, where its services are always needed constantly.

"The entire value chain that we, as a company and industry, use as leverage, has suddenly disappeared" she said.

However, with the economy steadily recovering, she believes the beauty industry will recover, as it caters to a gender that needs to be beautiful.

She said, "Women always want to look great. Makeup is not only about beauty, but also about psychology.

"As much as we still have feelings in which women want to look pretty and pretty, we will always be relevant."

The businessman further noted that, although the House of Tara always has a strong online presence, it never took advantage of it enough until the coronavirus pandemic forced the brand to see new opportunities.

She advised industry participants to collectively ensure that a new culture is created, where the entire industry value chain is not completely linked to major events and parties, but also leveraged by the use of technology to serve customers.

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