Super Flower Moon peaks tomorrow – what it is and how to see it from the UK

If you like to watch the stars, book tomorrow night in your diary.


AN Super Moon is set to take to heaven – and it's your last chance to see it for almost a year!

The Super Flower Moon will appear on May 7, when the moon is located on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun, which means that its face will be fully illuminated.

It is also a super moon, as the moon will be at the closest point to Earth.


This means that the moon will be particularly large and bright that night.

This particular moon was known to Native American tribes as the Moon of Flowers.


Full moon of flowers

However, you can also hear this being mentioned by several other names.

NASA He explained: “Passing the seasons, like the second full moon of spring, Native American tribes in the northeastern United States called this the Moon of Flowers, as flowers are abundant at this time of year in most of these areas.

"Other names include the corn planting moon or the milk moon."


The moon will be particularly large and bright that night

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Although the Super Flower Moon officially peaks around 11:45 am (GMT), it must be visible all night, so look on Thursday night!

Unfortunately, this will be the fourth of three supermoons in 2020, with the previous three taking place on February 9, March 9 and April 8.

The next supermoon will occur on April 27, 2021.


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