Stock market news today: Dow sinks sharply after Trump threatens China with tariffs over coronavirus

Warren Buffett said he is still convinced that nothing can stop the United States, and that America will recover from the Covid-19 pandemic – just as it did after other crises of the last century.

But the billionaire Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) The CEO revealed Saturday at Berkshire Hathaway recently sold its entire stake in the four airlines owned by the company, it calls it a mistake to invest in the industry.


Berkshire Hathaway revealed in early April that it was trimming its efforts Participate (VALLEY) and South West (LUV). Both shares are significantly lower in trading in the premarket.

But in response to a question from a Berkshire shareholder, Buffett said the company sold all its shares in Delta and Southwest, as well as united (UAL) and American (EEL) because he thinks it will take several years for flights to arrive.

Buffett, who has long been bullish on the US economy and stock market, spoke at the company's annual shareholder meeting from a nearly empty CHI health center in Omaha on Saturday.


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