Snapchat DOWN: Thousands hit by the disruption when the chat app stops working

Snapchat users are spending an annoying night with the popular chat app currently offline and not working. The problems seem to have started around 9 pm tonight, with many service fans still not being able to check their chats.

Although unconfirmed, it appears that messages sent by the application are not appearing on the recipient's device.


The outage independent monitor, Down Detector, saw a huge increase in Snapchat's crash reports, with thousands of problems arising.

The Down Detector outage map says that Snapchat problems are primarily affecting users in the UK, Europe, but the U.S. is also seeing some reports.

When posting a message on his forum page, a user said: "Mate is sending me a message, but not giving me the words when they finish typing. You can only see my chat."


While another added: "My friend sent me a text message 40 minutes ago and now I am receiving the notification now! How do I fix this problem ?? !!"

Along with the reporting on the Down Detector, social media is full of fans complaining about the outage.


A Snapchat user's Twitter post tweeted, "There really is no time for Snapchat to be inactive."

And another tweet said, "Snapchat disabled. AGAIN. I need to stop using this as my main message mode."

Snapchat support has now confirmed the problem and says it is working on the fix. In an online message, the chat app said, "We are aware that some Snapchatters are having trouble using it. Wait a minute, we are investigating."



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