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  • Globally, more than 4.4 million people have been infected and more than 301,000 have died from COVID-19, according to Johns Hopkins University. About 1.6 million people have recovered.

Here are all the latest updates:


Friday, May 15

02:12 GMT – USA warns doctors about COVID-19 condition in children

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has alerted doctors to a rare serious inflammatory condition in children linked to the coronavirus.

The CDC case definition includes infection or exposure to the current or recent COVID-19 virus, fever of at least 38 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 24 hours, inflammatory markers in blood tests and evidence of problems affecting at least two organs that may include heart, kidneys or lungs.

The agency called the condition a multisystemic inflammatory syndrome in children.


01:54 GMT – Four million girls at risk of child marriage

The world charity World Vision says four million girls are at risk of getting married in the next two years because of the coronavirus pandemic, with rising poverty likely leading many families to marry their daughters earlier.

The risks are further exacerbated by the fact that schools are closed and organizations working to combat child marriage find it more difficult to operate during blockades.


"When you go through a crisis like conflict, disaster or a child marriage pandemic," Erica Hall, World Vision's child marriage specialist, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. "If we don't start thinking about how to prevent it, it will be too late now. We can't wait for the health crisis to pass first."

Students who observe the rules of social distance listen to their teacher at Saint Germain de Charonne school in Paris on May 14, 2020, while primary schools in France reopen this week [Franck Fife/ AFP]

01:38 GMT – Trump's Mar-a-Lago club will be partially reopened

US President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago club will partially reopen to members this weekend as South Florida slowly reopens after the coronavirus blockade.

An email sent to members on Thursday says the Palm Beach resort's Beach Club restaurant, pool and hot tub will reopen on Saturday after the two-month closure, but its main building, which includes hotel, the main dining area and the president's private residence, remain closed.


Members will have to practice social detachment and the sunbeds will be separated by 2 meters (6 feet). They will have to bring their own towels.


01:31 GMT – China reaches one month mark since last reported virus death

China has gone a month without announcing new deaths from the coronavirus.

The National Health Commission registered four new cases of the virus on Friday, all local infections in the northeastern province of Jilin, where a cluster of uncertain origin has been detected in recent days. The commission last reported a death on April 14.

In total, China has recorded 4,633 deaths out of 82,933 cases since the virus was first detected at the end of last year in the central city of Wuhan.

01:25 GMT – Cases in Brazil reach daily record

Brazil recorded a daily record of 13,944 new cases of coronavirus on Thursday, when President Jair Bolsonaro urged business leaders to push for lifting blockade requests in the country's financial center, São Paulo.

Data from the Ministry of Health showed a total of 202,918 confirmed cases and 13,933 deaths in Brazil, the hardest hit country in Latin America, at the end of Thursday.

But Bolsonaro, who opposes the blockades, told a virtual meeting of business leaders to "play hard" with the governor of São Paulo, João Doria, who issued orders for social distance and said he would not comply with Bolsonaro's latest decree to reopen gyms and beauty salons.

COVID-19 cases shoot in Brazil and Chile amid accusations of negligence (2:50)

"A man is deciding the future of São Paulo," said Bolsonaro, referring to Doria. "He is deciding the future of the Brazilian economy. With all due respect, it is necessary to call the governor and play hard – play hard – because it is a serious issue, it is war. Brazil is at stake".

São Paulo, the most populous state in Brazil and home to a third of its economic output, saw hospitals reach their limits, registering the country's worst outbreak.

00:12 GMT – Slovenia ends its coronavirus epidemic

The Slovenian government is calling for an official end to the coronavirus epidemic, becoming the first European country to do so after authorities confirmed fewer than seven new cases of coronavirus a day in the past two weeks.

People arriving in Slovenia from other European Union countries will no longer be required to be quarantined for at least seven days, as was the case in early April, the government said in a statement. But a 14-day quarantine remains in effect for people from non-EU countries.

Citizens will still have to follow basic rules to prevent a possible spread of the infection, says the government, without giving further details. People were forced to wear masks in public indoor spaces, stand at least 1.5 meters away and disinfect their hands when entering public spaces.

So far, the country of two million people has recorded 1,464 cases of coronavirus and 103 deaths.

00:04 GMT – Cafes and bars reopen in parts of Australia

New South Wales (NSW), Australia's most populous state, is reopening restaurants, cafes and bars after a two-month closure, on the condition that it limit customers to 10 at any time.

NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian warns people to remain vigilant and maintain social distance.

"Reducing restrictions has failed in many places around the world and I don't want that to happen in NSW. I want people to have personal responsibility for the way we react," Berejiklian told reporters in Sydney.

In the Northern Territory, bars are opening without restrictions on the number of customers and there are no limits for public meetings or home visits.

Victoria, Australia's second most populous state, currently maintains most of its blocking measures.

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